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groan..this topic is one that weighs me down
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Published: 7 years ago
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groan..this topic is one that weighs me down

There's no way for me to answer this simply primarily because it touches on so many things for me, so I'll begin with the literal response.
Every weekend my chore (and it is a chore I despise) is trying to figure out the 'what am I going to eat this week?'.
Oh, I would love the luxury of being at a place like OHI (Optimum Health Institute in my hometown of San Diego) or Hippocrates H.T. and just say 'feed me' and be free of the decisions and planning and just simply enjoy..wouldn't that be nice?
Now I live 2000 miles away; my entire live is completely different..and one hysterectomy later; plus thyroid and adrenal (issues) and now approaching the age of 56, I am THIRTY-FIVE pounds overweight and it seems that no matter what I eat, I blow up like a balloon and like I just ate a four-course meal and am miserable.
Sure, I could eat fruit and salads; do my juices and smoothies but not only does that (unfortunately) get really old really quick for me but I don't TRULY enjoy it. I'm just being honest, and I really, really wish it weren't that way. I even did a RawFoodBootCamp(.com) thing for a month, and although I lost 10 pounds and regained some energy, I was not enjoying my meals. She basically said it's not about enjoying; not about bringing pleasure - it's about health. And although I do know that and have certainly done enough raw programs to get that, it doesn't 'change' my mental outlook. So, I waffle back and forth. I would never tell someone (or even believe) that to be vegetarian, vegan, raw or cooked is an absolute; and for all people because it isn't. I did a seminar last year of Kevin Gianni's that was AWESOME and the final outcome was that everybody is different and it changes over time. I believe for healing, and detoxing, it is best to be raw vegan, but even the most longterm RV's have discovered that adding back in some raw goat's dairy; and even organic grassfed meats has improved their health. So, this subject is a broad one.
For me, it seems that no matter what I eat, I blow up, as I said. So, rice these days - white OR brown doesn't work for me. I made a big pot of beans the other Joel Fuhrman is big on 'beans and greens'. Normally, beans don't give me any trouble, but I blew up huge, and have had stomach pains for the last three days.
Nothing really makes me feel good; and so much lately makes me feel yucky, so it's a dilemma every week.
I usually end up cooking two or three soups on the weekends to take to work for the week for lunch. I eat a LOT of greens - whether raw in juices/smoothies or cooked. That poses another problem because I am low-thyroid and it seems that I MOSTLY eat the foods that affect the thyroid!
Every weekend, I also make a few salads to eat on: usually my Broccoli Salad and a Tabouli; and in the summer, regular lettuce salads.
I make the best muffins on the planet (!) (well, people tell me I should sell them!) but I personally have a hard time with them, so I don't eat them anymore. I changed my recipe to use GF flour, but it still 'bothered' me, so who knows? I eat an organic hot oat bran cereal, but the only way I eat it is with lots of butter and (himalayan) salt and that's not very healthy..but I won't it it otherwise.
I also have to watch it because I go for SALTY things like crazy and it's starting to really show, so when I make my soups now, I'm trying to make my own broths to reduce the sodium (hopefully), among other things.
I juice a couple times a week, but you're supposed to drink them right away, and I don't - I drink them the next day. I always have a green drink (green 'lemonade') and carrot varieties. I have a few I stick with.
My co-workers say "..I'm surprised you're should weigh next to nothing for what you eat.."; or " everything you eat GREEN??" - I get that alot.
Lately, chicken makes me gag. Any chicken. So, while my co-workers are doing fantastically on the "17-day diet", I gag at the thought of eating chicken..and store bought yogurt, which also knots up my stomach. I just can't digest anything - seems like everything turns to BRICKS in my gut.
For some reason, this week I've been craving beef. I want a good homemade meatloaf, peas and onions and mashed potatoes. I love egg burritos but my stomach will feel bloaty after that too; however, it doesn't seem to hurt after a fried egg - go figure.
I finally ordered some Beyond Organic products. I don't know if you know of it or not, but Jordan Rubin (see his books) has the most awesome testimony I've ever heard. Inspirational..VERY spirtual - beautiful. I urge everyone to listen to him; get his books, etc. God gave him a very special (annointed) vision for him to carry out and it has come to fruition. Anyway..I wanted to try his products and ordered a sampler. OMG - the Amasai is a-ma-zing! It is basically like a Kefir. The cows are special cows, pasture fed on his land - you'll have to read it yourself.
I know I have liver issues so it's no wonder I'm bloated all the time, feel huge and horrible, distended belly..burping, constipated.
My worst habit? Probably that I drink coffee every morning; like salt too much. I'm glad I am not into junky things; don't care for sweets too much (except good, dark chocolate!) and am not into breads, cakes, etc, so that's good.
I also don't drink beer anymore - so we'll see if that stays true once the hot weather gets here (!). I REALLY love beer - always have; but haven't had one since August. I know I just hear UNY groan the ' wonder..the eyes/liver..!" (LOL)
I know this is much longer than what you wanted, but I guess my answer is that I don't KNOW what to eat anymore because what works for others doesn't work for me; I don't seem to digest anything; I FEEL better on juices/salads, etc but it doesn't make me happy or satisfy me mentally/emotionally; and even though I will sometimes have nothing in my day except: soups..I still weight exactly the same - not a pound less - and my clothes are tighter than ever.

And of course, you and I are as opposite as they come - you, young, and male; me, older and female! There's just no comparison.
But, whatever WORKS for a person is what is the right thing to do. Sometimes the hardest part is the trial of getting there.


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