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Why is Dry Fasting beneficial? (with repaired links)
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Published: 10 years ago
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Why is Dry Fasting beneficial? (with repaired links)

I know we all have been trained to believe that "water is essential" which it is and that "no good can come from depriving ourselves (however temporarily) of this essential nutrient". So i realize that convincing anybody of the benefits of Dry fasting is an extremely steep up-hill battle. Nevertheless i will make a sincere attempt.

Something that may not be very well known is that when we fast our body creates water primarily as a byproduct of the fat we are burning. Hydrogen released from the metabolized fat combines with oxygen from air and creates h2o and according to Dr. Filonov, this water is exceedingly, exceedingly pure. I believe i read in Filonov's book that we create about 1 or 1.2 liter of this "metabolic" water each day while fasting.

So even when we dry fast, it is not quite as dry as people might imagine. Water (a certain amount of it) is indeed essential to us and the undertaking of lengthy dry fasts would not be possible without this metabolic water. Water is made more scarce, enough so to create a healthy competition among cells which leaves the diseased or otherwise weakened cells to die off, but in no way is water completely absent.

Russian Dr. Filanov is an expert in dry fasting and has supervised thousands of dry fasts, often up to 14 days. His imperfectly translated book Dry Medical Fasting: Myths and Reality is found here:  .

Quote: by Dr. Filonov
Dehydration causes competition between healthy cells and pathological organisms for water. It is a real survival-of-the-fittest scenario. Inflammation cannot survive without water. A wet environment is ideal for the proliferation of pathological bacteria, viruses and worms – water shortage is as devastating as fire for them. All dead or dying tissues will be expelled from the body. A water fast does the same thing but takes much longer to accomplish the goal.

What is inflammation? Tissues are swollen with water where infection is having a party. Pathological bacteria and microbes love wet terrain. Dry fasting eliminates inflammation the same way a swamp gets rid of mosquitoes and other insects when it dries up. Microbes are annihilated immediately. The shortage of water is a cleansing drought that is disastrous to the body’s enemies. It is pernicious for pathological bacteria.

Note that there is an analogous practice that involves training the body in intervals to adapt to restricted oxygen intake known as Intermittent Hypoxic training forcing the body to adapt and to achieve many benefits: Intermittent hypoxic training - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and YouTube - ‪Altitude Training - Intermittent Hypoxic Training‬‏: and .

Quote:  by Dr. Filonov Paraphrased
Dehydrated cells act as furnaces burning the toxic matter". [These are the weaker cells diseased or otherwise that are losing in the competion for the limited water].

Quantum Eating
Chapter 9: Dry Fasting as a remedy for dry prunes... not a translation, originally written in English so it is easier to read:

The advantage of dry fasting over other types of fasting: Dr. Filonov, (another very rough translation) ... Note that the Google Chrome browser will automatically translate this.

To follow is a link by Dr. Filanov on replacing and fantastically improving the quality of our bodily water stores: note that this topic is also discussed here in the easier to read untranslated Tanya Zavasta Book: Chapter 10 on heavy water (D2O/deuterium oxide). 

Chapter 10: Not all water is created equal (heavy water)...

Dr. Filonov's link:

Quote: : from:;wap2
Fasting to Heal from Radiation Exposure[/url] It has been shown that dry fasting is a reliable method of protection from radiation. T.A. Voistovish, a director of healing and fasting retreats has had some very interesting results treating victims of nuclear radiation who had been subjected to 400 to 600 Roentgens of radiation as a result of the Chernobyl disasters. All of those treated with fasting quickly recovered. They only fasted for about two weeks and all their bodily functions were restored as well as cells regenerated!

It is said that there are no other methods that are this effective against radiation, literally, in the world. No other therapies, period. Dry fasting beats them all. The saying goes, never give a sick man food, and people that have gone through nuclear radiation definitely are sick, and need the time for the body to regenerate.

Quote: by Tonya Zavasta
Several Russian doctors were very successful in treating Chernobyl survivors with water and dry fasting. (See my book Quantum Eating for more on dry fasting.) One of these Russian doctors, Dr. Filonov, who conducted numerous supervised fasts, believes that to cleanse the body effectively after radioactive damage one must completely avoid consuming foods for an appropriate time. This method gave good results for victims of the Chernobyl disaster, even those who had suffered acute radiation sickness.

Dry fasting slows the rhythm of cell division, allowing the body to use more energy for repair and healing. The Chernobyl victims’ improved condition led researchers to believe that even heritable mutations can be reversed, with the restoration of the nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, taking place. Even damaged cells begin to divide normally.

Regular fasting also helps restore the protective functions of cells and organs against radiation damage. This is particularly important for those who live or work in settings where one is regularly subjected to radiation. The process of fasting improves the mechanisms for expelling toxic substances that interfere with the body’s proper functioning—radio-nuclides, nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals and other poisons.

Experiments on rats have tested the effects of fasting on the immune system. Filonov talked about an experiment he observed at one medical school: 120 white rats were divided into four groups of 30. All were injected with sarcoma (a cancer of the connective tissue). The control group ate regularly, while the other three groups were placed on a 3-day [Dry] fast at some point in the experiment. Of the group of 30 injected with sarcoma prior to the fast, half died. The second group, injected during the fast, had a 1/3 death rate. In the third group, injected immediately after the fast, all the rats survived. The rats in the control group, which did not fast, all died.

Only strong, viable cells survive a dry fast. So, as this experiment demonstrates, even short-term dry fasts serve as a powerful prophylactic against malignant tumors."

Other individual input and/or experiences:




Hi Everybody,

I had copied this from a post i made in another site several months back and didn't realize that basically every link was broken and i made another mistake in the process where i included a paragraph of my own in one of Dr. Filanov's quotes, so for clarity i am re-posting the entire document here.  Note to moderator, if you wish and if you are able, maybe you can replace the original post with this one below this point.



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