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Re: help for an abscess whose infection has spread to the jaw bone ...please help
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: help for an abscess whose infection has spread to the jaw bone ...please help

hi everyone, i'm sorry if it may have seemed like once my problem was lessened i just flaked out, i lost my internet access

...i wanted to tell everyone all that i'm doing, for anyone else who stumbles across this thread and may be suffering the same...

along with swishing 1 teaspoon coconut oil, 2x a day - and following with a *diluted* swish of a cayenne-based tincture called "peri-gum" which i believe also helped, i am:

taking d-limone softgels, and oregano softgels, 1 of each along with 2 capsules of clove _every 4 hours_ (for about a week now) - and i do think they were important in helping, systemically (but what i think made the most difference, i'll get to, after)

...i wanted to ask though, do you think this might be too strong, that it could wipe out my body's good bacteria and, if so, how long do you think is too long to stay on them?

what i think really made a difference though, has been, as MRCUDDLY suggested, the Bentonite clay.
the d-limonene, clove, and oregano i do think had been helping, systemically, but after 3-4 days there were still all blisters throughout my mouth :(
so i took the clay - but, having tried a clay detox DRINK before and it smelled really moldy and i thought using it would be like that again, so i tried to see if i could find a way to make using it more bearable, so i used the YERBA PRIMA *HYDRATED* Bentonite and i didnt go with full-on swishing, i:

took little squares of paper towels and wet each from the top of the clay's bottle, and draped each, clay side down, over the affected areas and tucked the edges between my cheek and gums, and in some cases, under my tongue (at first it was a little tricky not to gag, but then i got it right and, i barely even noticed them!)

and what i want to RAVE about is, how the YERBA PRIMA clay had NO moldy smell or taste, it had no or very little any taste at all and i was surprised how creamy it was ...i am very happy about this!
and most importantly, it made a big difference in the infection! (and , yerba prima's the only kind i could find that comes in fully hydrated form, which i think is important because i think if the clay's not fully hydrated already, maybe it would rob hydration, minerals, or who knows what else from what you use it on...?
and, ESSENTIALLY for a hydrated clay, yerba prima's comes in a GLASS bottle - ESSENTIAL because i have read that pre-hydrated clay can leach components from plastic! yes, like mrcuddly i cant recommend this brand enough, and i hope it never goes away!)

...the blisters have gone away, although there is still some swelling and, i do feel that there is a problem (whether it be decay/leaky filling/root canal) that could get out of hand if i dont keep dilligently managing it - so to anyone else in this situation, please dont stop just because you think the infection is gone, because it might be waiting to come back if you let it take hold!

i also needed to ask, though, if anyone here knows if clay is safe to use with teeth - i was worrying that, clay might chelate minerals--from our teeth (?)

...or might chelate mercury out of fillings which in one way i'd think to be a good thing, but if it might compromise the fillings and make them more likely to fall out, i personally have to be careful because im not able to get dental care should they fall out!

and the other thing i wanted to ask was, if anyone knows if there is anything stronger than Bentonite (maybe another type of clay, or anything else) that might be even stronger? because so far, i still have some CHEEK swelling i mentioned, and i have a chronic sore throat and ear infection that i think is because of this... i do worry that the bone is infected and im doing the best i can...

i also just got some grass fed butter oil and a (plastic) syringe and, i'm going to be trying taking some of the butter oil as a supplement (teaspoon/tablespoonfulls), swishing with some, and also irrigating with it to hopefully get it really down to the root of the problem (UPDATE & WARNING: I GOT A SYRINGE W/ A VERY FINE TIP FOR REALLY GETTING IN TO DENTAL POCKETS AND CLOSER TO THE ROOTS BUT, THE BUTTER OIL IS TOO THICK TO FLOW THRU THE TIP - AND I ALMOST SEVERELY INJURED MY MOUTH TRYING TO FORCE IT ...PLEASE, NEVER GIVE THE SYRINGE ITS FIRST PRESS WHILE IN YOUR MOUTH, ALWAYS TEST IT BEFORE STARTING! ...back to the drawing board on that part! but), hopefully it can heal the teeth...

and along with it, i am taking - 2x a day, at least 12 hours apart - a particular calcium supplement which i believe to be the most complete one i can find - since calcium may not do much good if your body doesnt properly use it, it's called bone building formula by Swanson Vitamins - it has calcium in the form of microcrystalline hydroxyapatite [from actual bone], better than calcium carbonite etc. along with all the cofactors - magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin k, and even phosporous and boron and manganese, really hard to find all in one product, and in capsules not tablets! i'm very passionate about this product :)

AND in addition - but never less than 6 hours apart - i am also taking, also from swanson, STRONTIUM citrate BUT making sure to take it 6 hours away from either of the calcium doses because i've read that the reason why strontium is so great for strengthening bones is because it can *take the place of some calcium* and is stronger...

i know i should be taking it with _fermented_ cod liver oil, but the butter oil is already more than i can afford (though there is FINALLY more than one brand/a slightly cheaper brand available - but i'd sure like if there could be some more affordable options! - it's by NUTRAPRO and i got it on amazon dot com - type in nutrapro butter oil - for a total of $48), and the fermented cod liver oil, i can't find any that i can afford so i have to wait...

i will post back about/if the butter oil helps me...



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