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help please... worm infestation

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Published: 9 years ago

help please... worm infestation

I have had the past few months skin legions on thighs, breast, face, arms... started on thighs. I thought it was ingrown hairs. I could run my fingernail over the spot and it would feel like stubble. I pulled what I thought was ingrown hairs out... they came out in a spiral through the skin, some small, some up to 2 inches long. Left alone it would come back. It is not hair. I disected one and it looked almost like insulation, threadlike cottoncandy consitency. They all are not like that. I looked up scabies and skin bugs but didn't find anything online that looked like it until I looked up skin worms and it looks a lot like morgellons. I spoke to a dr. online and he said cutaneous larval migrans. These symptons came about after getting a new CAT, though I had bumps and boils on thighs and spots for years, possible they were easy spots to infect since the skin was already messed up, my hypothesis. I went to the doctor today and she thinks they are in my lungs... causing congestion... that is worse when I wake up. She prescribed mintezole, bactrim, doxicycline, and silver sulpha cream. mintazole (Thiabendazole) is no longer available, and so she replaced it with ivermectin. I asked are they in my intestine and she didn't think so, though recently I have had painful bm, bad smelling, and rectal (prolapse? or hemrroid?) I lost 10 pounds in the past few months. I also noticed a weird smell from my skin, first kind of weird like a smell like for lack of a better term (old sex smell), and then it was sometimes like ammonia smell. I also worried it came from my exboyfriend of 10 years,who wasn't exactly a good guy, hence EX .... he let a stripper sit on his face. The smell at first kinda smelled like him, then it smelled like ammonia. Does anyone know what this is?
Did it come from a cat scratch? Do you think what she prescribed will be enough or do I need to take other stuff. Skin oils, tea tree, menthol, seems to help get them out of skin, and hydrogen peroxide and mecuroclear applied helps too, but I think larva and or eggs were left behind so it kept coming back. I am just wondering if anyone knows what it is. I still have to go back for lab work, but she saw the sores and listened to my symptoms and thinks it is worms, probably from the cat. PLEASE help if anyone knows. Thanks!

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