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Re: Faith, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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ChaztheMeatHead Views: 1,968
Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Faith, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Hi Chavey, It depends on your definition of faith.

To some it is trust. That can be gained by reasoning through something that has happened in your life or someone else's life. Like I trust that if I plow my car into a telephone pole at 60mph, I will be hurt.

It can also be an understanding that you have gained by reasoning from something you have read, like the Bible. Like I understand a lot of things in the Bible are true, therefore God must exist, and I will live the life outlined in the Bible that states God wants me to live.

Those are the classic definitions of faith from dictionaries and science, but imply it's not factual. It's something that is believed, without actual proof. That's why some religious figures say to go beyond faith, and Science says it myth.

But to me, faith is another word for knowing. Like I know God exists, because I have experienced God doing things in my life that I thought were impossible. I could list the examples in my life showing what I mean, but it would take a long time, because it's like a chain of events that are all inter related. So to me, the phrase "walk in faith" means, live knowing God is in your life. If you can call what we're doing here on Earth, "life".

So to me, faith goes beyond trust, understanding, beliefs or ideals, to personal fact. Faith is knowing God is with you and you are with God. We are one.

Science has shown that at the smallest levels of "life", at the level smaller than atoms and their components, there is something that is in everything. Everything is made of this and everything exists in it. And this something has intelligence. It knows when it is being looked at or observed. And it has infinite potential to be or do anything. Sounds familiar to me. Science likes to dance around God, but don't talk about it or touch it, because that's not scientific. Science requires repeatable or verifiable "proof", but God can't exist, because we can't measure, see, touch, taste, smell or feel God. Yet science believes in dark matter and dark energy which are made of something that is not made of matter and can't be measured, touched, tasted, smelled, seen or felt. Hmm. And they doubt they will ever know what it is. Science needs a devise made out of matter to measure something that's not matter to have proof it exists. And how can you measure something that is not matter, with something that's made of matter? That's kind of like trying the measure water with a tape measure to me. Or trying to paint a fart.

God doesn't care what people think, and laughs at it all, because God is still beyond all it. If we are the created, then how can we really understand the creator? It's like a house trying to understand and explain what the builder is.

So anyway, there is ample proof provided by science and the Bible to gain that initial faith in my opinion. And to gain first hand proof, or to absolutely know for yourself, and is what I call faith; you have to first walk in that initial faith, and live like God lives (become one with God) to then walk in the faith, or to have knowledge or proof that God exists, loves you, and is there to help and guide you like a Father.

What's after that? That's something we have to experience for ourselves. It's an individual thing that no one can help you with. It only involves you. But I bet it's so much greater than faith or proof. It has to be. And I'm not saying I know for sure, but in my opinion it's "being". The Bible says we are all Gods, we are created in his image, we live and exist in God and God is in us, and Jesus said we can do greater things than he did, if that's a hint. :-) And I have my theory on the time frame for all that is happening everywhere. I'll just say time means nothing at that level.

Take Care "Amigo"! ;-)

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