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Re: The Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensis
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: The Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensis

Wow, its so stunning that this went on right under my feet without me seeing it. It is designed that way.

This Delphi business is awful. It is devious, manipulative, deceptive...hey, this sounds like my list of Tactics for Plants a Cure Zone!!!!!!!!!! - to wit:
Division of peoples
Creating Instability.

So it is. I used that list to identify "plants" on internet sites, like Cure Zone [yes, they are here too].

Its at work on a global scale. Cure Zone is just part of that movement.

So who is at work here at Cure Zone , what did they do - ban somebody? I am still posting harsh themes....
What has changed?

I appreciate the evil of Delphi Technique, and we do see it here a lot, mostly used by christians, its a constistantly used tactic of theirs.

What we must remember is that "the way things start is how they will go", and if it starts with deception and greed and immorality, it will end up failing from those. If it started by consensus, it would end up that way too - a good thing. When it starts by violence, it will end that way too[which is why we cannot just murder Bush, or stoop to their levels at any time]. They will fail by their own lack of morality. We have to wait for it now...

We must remember that the Christians have power now. The world belongs to them again, thru the magic of GW BushCo. They get to say how its done. Let them go with it now...they have the ball until justice removes them by application of the law for the crimes they are committing. Until then, we are at their mercy.[i get nervous at times like these!!]

We get to witness their ability to include the voices of the minority, a task we know they will fail utterly with. They have no comprehension of how or what that is. Dissent is ungodly to them, there is no room for it in their tiny minds, shrunk by religious doctrines invented by the Delphi originals. Until the voices of the minority are welcomed, there will be strife on earth between humans. Christians gaurnatee that this will go on for awhile yet.

So we wait for them to fail again, as they have so many time thru history. The reason they keep coming back is that the Elites help them, as they serve to divide humanity and bring us to war. Religion keeps us weak, especially when one religion is attacking another, as we have now Islam VS Christians, a war brought to us as part of an agenda, not as frustration building between them tha built up to the point of war... Its not a natural way to war... its a manipulated way to war.

PS -
I apologise, I keep writing such long diatribes on every damn issue.
My mind is in overdrive now, its like a big flash of light that I need to record somehow.
I know there is truth in my head, I know that the answers to our earthly problems are in here, and in everyone's brains if they would/could get it to surface. Something is blocking it.
That is a frustation we all share, is it not?


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