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Re: 7 cycles completed but no obvious symptoms
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: 7 cycles completed but no obvious symptoms

With a history of a large number of Amalgam fillings you are fortunate that someone tipped you off about the potential risk. More on that from Boyd Haley, former chair of the chem dept at the U of KY.

You did not really get into your list of medical problems that prompted you to get rid of the Amalgam or start to chelate. In my 2 yrs in the Cutler groups I've found it helpful to be able to be able to view a person's hair test and history as seen in this library of hair tests.

Quite frankly I don't know what "scary things" (symptoms) you are referring to. Cutler warns about what could accurately be described as scary things when people roll the dice with IV, cilantro, chelation while Amalgam is still present or high infrequent dose oral chelation.

It is rare to hear about nasty, long-lasting sfx from low-frequent dose oral chelation as long as a person starts with low doses, like you did, and is getting adequate amounts of supporting supplements. Obviously those who are sick enough to be getting treatment from an HMO doctor for psych problems, severe adrenal fatigue, liver or kidney problems, etc. will have to be extra careful.

My close female friend and I experience similar symptoms while on round and for less than a day after the end of the round. Typically we are more tired and lethargic. We are not as mentally sharp. These are some of the most common sfx. They are generally well controlled with a combination of supplements and appropriate doses of chelators.

I can also get a very mild, dull headache if I don't take doses frequently enough. Cutler warns about this. Some people need to take chelators more frequently than the average person. Maybe my reactive hypoglycemia symptoms are related to this. Over the years I've learned that I need to eat and take some other meds more frequently than most in order to obtain a smooth effect.

With the various combinations of toxins people can have and so many other variations, there is a rather frustrating variation in the reaction people have to chelators. There are a few people who actually feel better while taking them. I can't say I understand this but maybe it has to do with a lack of thiols in those people. This is all so damn complex.

Even with all of the complexity, I'm very grateful for the improvement I've experienced over the past 1.5 yrs. The improved memory and sex hormone levels were the earliest gains. After 1.5 yrs I got an unexpected 8% gain in the bone density of my back. Previously it was unresponsive to standard medicine. There are other less impressive gains, including a reduction in my need for ADD meds.

I wish I had a better response for you. I can understand that you might wonder if you actually have an Hg problem. You could do a stool test while on a round of chelation with ALA. Also once you've been chelating for a couple of months it might be interesting to see the results of a hair test to see what the chelators are kicking up and what your body is able to send into hair. Cutler has lists of symptom clusters in his book, Amalgam Illness, that can aid in the process of diagnosis.

Remember that some people seem to have better detox genes than others.

Some like me have a combination of toxins that have a nasty synergistic effect when present together. Other people do not.

This is an example of a member who was grateful that he did the followup hair test after a couple months of chelation.

The followup hair test suggests the involvement of Hg according to Cutler's theory about how Hg fouls up mineral transport. More on an early version of his theory in this discussion.

My two followup hair tests while chelating showed either red high Cd or red high lead. My symptoms matched them quite well, especially bone density problems and ADD.

This variation in what is coming out at any one time should not be surprising. This member graphed the results of her hair tests over a couple of years. Surprisingly she said that her symptoms really did not change much over time to reflect the wide variation in toxic elements in hair.
check the test results section.

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