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The Healing Codes -- Not all it's cracked up to be.

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missthang Views: 23,553
Published: 9 years ago

The Healing Codes -- Not all it's cracked up to be.

Let me preface this by saying that The Healing Code approach helped me a bit and according to the author, it helps most people, but I don't know of anyone else it actually helped. I would caution you about a few things if you go down this path:

1. The standard approach mentioned in the book is mostly just an introduction to get you to buy more things from their web site (The Manual, The Q Codes and more...). My biggest frustration with them is that about $500 into the program, I had been getting some results, so I took the plunge and committed to $2500 for their high-end LT3 program, which includes 6 weeks of live webinars and 5 one-on-ones with Alex Loyd and I didn't improve one bit from that point on. In fact, I started feeling worse because Loyd was telling me that all my goals were "wrong" and if I didn't know which of the numerous codes they gave use to use, he would just tell me to pray and meditate on it and figure it out (isn't that what I paid all that money to your company for? Some guidance?)

2. Even though they will tell you off hand that you may only need to code "6 minutes a day", the reality is that unless you're already in near perfect health anyway, you will need to spend considerable amount of time each day "coding", even once you've achieved improvements. Loyd, who by his own accounts, had a pretty normal childhood and hasn't had many (if any) critical illnesses, says he spends about 2 hrs/day coding. This just isn't something I was willing to do on an on-going basis. I spent 2-3 hrs/day coding for several months and eventually, I just got so fried from it that I couldn't do it anymore.

3. They don't address physical causes of imbalances that you may need to address. When I asked their head of coaching about my mouthful of mercury fillings, for example, he told me I didn't need to get them removed and that I could get better anyway if I just believed enough and coded a lot.

4. When I discovered The Body Code (by Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of "The Emotion Code"), I realized what The Healing Code was missing. The Body Code is a clear, elegant method of determining which areas of your body/energy field are imbalanced and what is causing the imbalance, whether it be emotional, chemical, whatever. Then they tell you specifically what to do to correct it. No more "Your body will just know what to heal if you don't know what to ask for" or "Root around in your memory banks for hours at a time unearthing all the painful memories of your past and do our magic hand positions to heal them" nonsense like I got with The Healing Codes people.

5. The Healing Codes people contradict themselves a lot. They tell you half the time that you don't need to unearth old memories in order to heal, but if you question their program due to lack of progress, they'll tell you then that you DO need to unearth all your painful old memories in order to heal. So I spent months reviewing painful old memories and it did absolutely no good whatsoever.

6. I really, really wanted a refund from The Healing Codes people and they wouldn't give it to me, which says a lot about their priorities. The Body Code people offer a triple money-back guarantee and their program is less than half the price of The Healing Codes program. (No, I am not affiliated with The Body Code people in any way -- just blown away by how much better their program is for 1/2 the price!!)

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