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Re: Mercury chelation success stories??
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Mercury chelation success stories??

I have my experience in debate and discussions and have to say that people like you are the hardest to converse with. I've learned long time ago not to get involved cause it's a waste of energy really. All I can say is that your view on reality is very myopic. I think it's your view or "filter" on reality and worldview, not just mercury. The issue of mercury and chelation is a very very small issue on the grand scheme of things but people with myopic viewpoints tend to get immersed in it. It's amazing to me that people with a 1 degree of separation to you are telling you that "x" has worked and "y" has not, and yet something is pressing the override button in your brain that is overriding the standard critical thinking and logic system in your brain. Myopia and dogmatism are an unstoppable combination that does not allow for evolution and adaptation. "Survival of the fittest" is often misconstrued as survival of the most physically fit or muscularly developed, but it actually refers to being "fit" to the everchanging environment. You really need to let go of the strong hand that you have on everything you have committed to when it comes to Cutler. Otherwise how will you ever change and learn something new? Can you not admit that you may be wrong or have committed to SOME things that are not/were not entirely accurate? After all, everyone should have the humility to do so, medicine and Science changes EVERY DAY. I have NO problem admitting fault or being misinformed about something.

It appears that you have committed yourself to a set of rules outlined in the Cutler's book, and when you commit yourself to ANYTHING, it leaves no margin of error or room for backtracking or logic. You can't POSSIBLY believe that Cutler has everything right. Cutler is coming out with a new book with a rewrite for Amalgam Illness. There are things that he said needs changing, needs adapting, needs work. So if we went back in time and asked the "old you" about your stance on something he is changing in the new book, would your old self have dogmatically and adamantly argued it to be the truth?

All your eggs are in one basket. And it appears you've signed a contract to remain in that basket until the end of time. I have not placed my eggs in any basket and will never commit to any protocol, any 1 researcher, any doctor, any scientist, so forth. People change, Science changes and medicine changes. I have no doubt Cutler is wrong on many things and will be wrong on even more. And that's not an attack on him, that's a universal truth regarding human beings. I pledge no allegiance to Dr. Buttar, Dr. Klinghardt or anyone else. I listen to their research and experience, I take what is useful and discard what is not. Famous quote made popular by the father of mixed martial arts, Bruce Lee. It reminds me of when people used to argue which martial arts is better. The infamous Karate vs Kung Fu debates that would enrage people. The Tae Kwon Do vs Jiu jitsu debates? And through the course of the past 20 years, we saw the evolution in martial arts when it was put to the test and now we have what is called MMA or mixed martial arts. And we clearly know that no one art is "the best".

How old are you Joe? Based on our previous conversations and your constant posting in order to "be right" all the time, I feel like you're much older, set in your ways, conservative, grandpa who's a no-nonsense type of man. But let me tell you, change, openness and evolution of self is a good thing. No one thinks any less of you because you admit you were wrong (if that's ever the case), it makes you look more honest, real, genuine.

I know for a fact many people that have done a slow drip DMPS IV and taken cilantro, and did not abide by the laws set forth by Cutler and they're not found on Curezone cause they're living their life. I don't know you personally so who knows why you're so committed to Cutler.. maybe fear that you may have committed to something that may not help you, fear that you may be wrong and look bad? A dominant personality that needs to be right always? I don't know. But change it. It's not conducive to getting people to listen to you, it's obstructive in self betterment, and you lose credibility when people start to realize you can't be reasoned with.

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