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3 months post removal, Dr gave referrals to Rheumatologist and a Psychiatrist (seriously)
hailey56 Views: 1,732
Published: 7 years ago

3 months post removal, Dr gave referrals to Rheumatologist and a Psychiatrist (seriously)

Well my daughter is 3 months post removal, and we went back to her Doctor Friday because she continues to have a lot of health problems caused from the 2 years she had the Mirena. Let me say first she is much better, looking back 3, 6, 9 months - she is a thousand times better, but she continues to have constant and flare ups of leg/feet pain/burning numbness/stabbing sensations, (that at times are excrutiating), has anxiety and panic attacks that come out of no where, brain fog, and severe fatigue. She has had every test known to man and seen countless Dr's/specialists (MRIs, blood work, bone marrow, spinal taps, allergy testing, ANA tests) and they have ruled out pretty much everything and by all accounts she is 'healthy' (geez,if only that were true) She has tried various treatment plans, medications and supplements. The Dr started her on "Savella" a medication for Fibromyalgia and she has been taking that for 4 days. We will see if that helps any and I will let you know. On a sidenote the Dr said 'this has been going on for 9 months or more (yeah tell us something we don't already know, she has been living it, urgh?!!?!) and there is no 'known' reason why you are still experiencing all these symptoms, all tests are normal, and it stands to reason at this point you need to see a Rheumatologist and a Psychiatrist "no I don't think you are crazy but with all the anxiety issues, I would like you to see a Psychiatrist". I chimed in that a lot of women who have bad reactions to the Mirena complain of hormone issues, bone/joint/nerve pain and fatigue/anxiety, but he just kept talking about the referrals (he is sick of my ranting about Mirena destroying my daughters health and life) and we got the new Savella prescription and left. We are not taking the Psych referral "personally", we know she isn't 'crazy' and that this isn't a mental health problem AT ALL and know that this IS because of Mirena and nothing else, but we will do what our Dr says (so he doesn't blacklist her) and see the Psych Dr (and try not to laugh), but it really is just ridiculous. It's like we can't 'prove' it's the Mirena and since they don't have a 'test' to say what the problem is and since the Dr's can figure it out, then I guess you need mental health assistance. I really have zero faith in the medical community at this point. (I wonder too sometimes if the poison pushing suits at Bayer are setting back laughing and counting their millions?) Makes me sick! My heart goes out to all the women going thru this that don't have a lot of support and how it must make them FEEL to go thru this nightmare. If anyone needs any words of encouragement please contact me anytime. You are not alone and it is going to get better. You just have to stay strong, keep fighting and get thru each day as best you can, (and have a good sense of humor) Also she is going to start using progesterone cream and drinking mangosteen juice (Xango) because we are desperate and we've heard others have had success with it) Will keep you posted. Best wishes to all, Hailey56

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