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Re: Root Canals..eiyiyiyi
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Root Canals..eiyiyiyi

I do believe my allergy was number one in my body rejecting them but I also believe there was ongoing infection and despite impeccable oral hygiene, diet, iodine, etc. that wasn't budging. Now 48 hours later I can see where the red ridge was running down to the tooth in front of the is draining lots of infection and I'm so relieved! I'm rinsing with salt water and iodine, just added a few drops of peroxide to last rinse.

I now FULLY believe EVERY stitch of the argument against root canals....not that I didn't believe it, I just didn't realize that only 25% of the people with them will not develop problems, however, now I find that of that small percent with them they too may fall victim to any numerous degenerative disease if they have an accident, get a bad viral infection or anything that can tip the scale against the immune system will more than likely result in the start of long ongoing health problems. I've read so many stories at CZ here over the years where people will say they got a bad cold or flu and it was the start of their woes...wonder if they had any root canals in their mouth. So roughly the other 75% of us getting a root canal will suffer ill it worth it? That is a staggering amount of people if you ask me.

After the root canals in July last yr I had started to get heavy achey legs, esp. in the right knee. I have never had aches and pains for the most part just don't have that problem, no Arthritis stuff or anything like chronic pain..well low and behold after the root canals my legs started to ache really bad and they felt heavy when I walked. I have always had springs on wheels for legs so it made no sense to me and I was not connecting this to my teeth at ALL! I got up the day after they were removed and I sprung out of bed, my legs are back to normal!! Now I know why!! I asked the chiro why that would be and he said "it sounds like it was affecting your central nervous system". Root canals can affect one's central nervous system????? holy's something to be aware of. I had seizures that came out of the blue when the teeth started...well when I would go on Antibiotics the seizures would clear up, I made that connection but wasn't sure where the infection was coming from, it was confusing! It is a fact that seizures can stem from ongoing infection. Finally at one point I made the connection to the teeth but they kept telling me the teeth were fine!~almost 4 years of hell with teeth is not good! My dentist would argue with me about taking the teeth out..I would go home and say I would think on it...well the more I thought on it and the more appts I made the crazier I got because I was bouncing from drs to dentists to endos to cannot imagine when I say I was on a flippin merry go round!

The Iodine locates these infections...more than likely due to the T3 activity because that is what T3 will do, make a problem known. If there is a problem in your body T3 will isolate it. Without proper Iodine intake you won't have a whole lot of T3 activity going on hence you won't know what is making your body so stubbornly ill and with so many unrelated symptoms. Body run amok with not enough iodine!!

So much for a long story but it's been a long haul and one I'm glad to be done with. I do NOT regret removing that bridge with root canals! I will NEVER allow another root canal to be done in my mouth. I don't know why I buckled this last time because I really knew it was not the best of choices....DON'T DO IT, REALLY REALLY REALLY SERIOUS!!!


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