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Re: Wondering about CE's
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Wondering about CE's

I feel a lot of hostility, Uny. I don't know why - there was no hostility intended or implied.  Just simple, straight-forward words, stating that when your opinion conflicts with the data presented here, that you provide facts to susbstantiate your opinion.  That seems fair to me - I've studied hard for years and devoted myself to learning & compiling incredible amounts of information.  So if someone wants to post an opinion that conflicts with it (particularly if it may harm others or cause them not to progress as they deserve), it seems reasonable to ask them to provide factual data along with it.

You know I could provide tons of evidence that could support my opinion, but I won't. I'm not surprised (and that's a fact, stated with no hostility intended).

I don't see the point. You don't see the point of presenting facts when stating an opinion that disagrees with someone else?  Hmmm.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but at this moment I can't remember any posts you've made where you offered opinions with substantiating facts. 

You're the "boss" here. Well yeah, it's my forum and to have a forum that runs fairly smoothly, the owner has to create & enforce some level of guidelines.  

It seems like it's your way or the highway. I understand that this is your forum, but, please, let other people speak their mind. As I've explained before, this forum is a huge classroom and I'm the teacher.  If someone in a classroom raises their hand (or not) and says "you're wrong" - most teachers would tell that person to shut-up (which would be totally understandable and within any teacher's rights, because the other people in the class are there to learn what the teacher knows - and interruptions, particularly those with misinformation, hurt other people and the classroom as a whole).  But I don't do that, I tell people that if they disagree with the information I'm offering to provide the evidence/facts of the reason for their disagreeing opinion.   The fact of the matter is that opinions are basically useless without substantiated facts to back them up.

I didn't make a suggestion how to treat someone, I just voiced my opinion. And some people will find it helpful. As above, opinions without facts are basically useless, but they can also be very wrong (hence very harmful).  That's not "helpful".  Learning to learn how to tell the difference between opinions and facts is a lesson that is crucial to understanding and utilizing natural healing - one can't competently be their own physician without that go figure I insist posters provide facts with their opinions (particularly when the opinions conflict with what I know and have learned).

What you studied for 10 years means something but not everything.
My knowledge & research certainly may not mean "everything", but it means a helluva lot on this forum...and I don't say that with hostility, it's just a basic fact.

I am glad that I am able to find information myself and use it without you approving it. I'm glad you're able to research on your own, too.  I have stated MANY TIMES that people are responsible for their own health and their own bodies - I do not WANT the job of "approving".  

Charlotte Gerson, by the way, in her videos, which are available on google, explains that CE is not cancer treatment, but a part of the whole therapy, which is very strict. So, in my opinion, doing CE and taking IF1 doesn't make any sense.
  Before continuing, I just want to let you know I've been working on a response to one of your latest posts and it's almost completed.  When it's finished I'm also going to post it here, so you/everyone can have some idea of what all is entailed in the combining of various protocols.  Continuing -- 

Of course, I realize that CE's are not 'cancer treatment' but part of the entire Gerson therapy.  CE's trigger the liver to create bile, increase the flow of bile and have incredible strength for triggering the GST (glutathione s transferase) of detoxification in the liver.  They also help induce peristalsis, reduce inflammation, and are extremely effective against the reabsorption of toxins from caused by enterohepatic recirculation of toxic bile.  Of course the benefits of CE's for pain are well known.  This link provides an excellent summation of benefits: The Secret to the Coffee Enema Decongesting the liver, ridding the body of toxic bile (without reabsorption of the same) and replacing it with fresh bile, ensuring bile flow and detoxifying the blood are IMPERATIVE for healing cancer (particularly once cancer tumor start degrading)...nd all those things are very beneficial for everyone. 

While CE's may not "specifically" be a "cancer treatment" (as you purport Charlotte Gerson said), Gerson himself saw tumors that were dying/shrinking start growing again when the CE's were lessened prematurely. 

So, in my opinion, doing CE and taking IF1 doesn't make any sense - I've listed most of the benefits of CE's, now let's look at the benefits of IF#1 (per Dr. Schulze) --

Therapeutic action: This stimulating tonic is both cleansing, healing and strengthening to the entire gastro-intestinal system. It stimulates your peristaltic action ( the muscular movement of the colon ) and over time strengthens the muscles of the large intestine, halts putrefaction and disinfects, soothes and heals the mucous membrane lining of your entire digestive tract. This herbal tonic also improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps, increases the flow of bile which, in turn, cleans the gallbladder, bile ducts and liver, destroys Candida albicans overgrowth and promotes a healthy intestinal flora, destroys and expels intestinal parasites, increases gastrointestinal circulation and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

Does coffee absorbed via the hepatic portal and taken directly to the liver affect the entire GI tract in the same way as the herbs IF#1? the mechanism of their action is entirely different - both mechanisms are very beneficial in their own way.

Are coffee enemas anti-bacterial, anti-fungal or anti-viral? No...and many people need the 'anti' benefits of the herbs in the IF#1.

CE's assist with GI parasites because they increase the flow of bile and ensure at least one bm daily, but do they have any direct or susbstantial effect on eradicating candida or killing parasites like IF#1? No...and CE's only induce peristalsis directly when the CE is actually done.  Many people MUST have more than one bm daily and do not have time to do several CE's daily.

IF#1 with it's wee-tiny dose of a couple of 'liver herbs' helps slightly to increase bile flow - is it enough to remove toxic sludge, liver/gallbladder stones or liver flukes? Virtually never.  And anybody that's ever dealt with die-off from liver flukes or has a seriously congested liver/gallbladder is quite aware that CE's are far more beneficial in this regard.

Do coffee enemas increase bile flow enough to push out stones, sludge & liver flukes?  In many cases, yes.  And because of the incredible peristaltic benefits, the toxins are not reabsorbed to burden the liver further.

When IF#1 assists bile flow, is it's action of peristalsis from liver to toilet fast/strong enough to prevent the enterohepatic recirculation of toxic bile? Maybe a wee bit, but NOTHING like a coffee enema.

Does IF#1 activate and increase GST or help the liver to directly detoxify the bloodstream? No.

Do coffee enemas provide any benefit for digestion or production of stomach acid like the cayenne & ginger in IF#1?  No.

Does a coffee enema increase bile flow the same way as the herbs in IF#1? No.  And anytime we can assist our body/liver in more than just one way, our body appreciates it immensely.

Is it possible that one CE daily and enough IF#1 to ensure adequate bowel activity could cause too much bile flow?  It is possible, particularly if someone has had their gallbladder carved out...but it's very unlikely.  Too much bile produces diarrhea and anyone taking IF#1 that has diarrhea should lessen the amount of IF#1 taken.  It's rare that anyone with congested liver can release too much bile - and in this toxic world, it's rare that anyone's liver would be totally decongested (unless they've done serious cleansing and followed through with quarterly maintenance cleansing...and if they've done that, they're likely not looking for or needing any advice from anyone on any forum).

Does IF#1 provide pain relief? No (or rarely).

Are the actions of inducing & increasing peristaltic action of IF#1 & CE's the same? Do they benefit, complement or conflict?  CE's primarily benefit peristalsis via bile flow (but there may be other reasons that have to do with the autonomic/visceral nervous system).  IF#1 induces peristalsis by stimulating the tissue/musculature of the intestines/colon.  Since the vast majority of people have very lazy/weak, overstretched peristaltic muscular (and we never really hear of people reporting things like "my muscles of peristalsis are too strong") - and we know the majority of people have had intestinal/colon compromise since they were toddlers...then this combination is extremely beneficial for healing & strengthening intestinal peristalsis.


There are other things I can list, but I've listed plenty so that anyone can see the many reasons that IF#1 and CE's work together to benefit health & healing...particularly when people are only doing one CE daily.  If someone decides to do more than 1-2 CE's daily, then we would revisit this issue.  Of course, if someone has chosen to do only the Gerson protocol, IF#1 is definitely contraindicated.

So according to just the few fact & benefits listed above, this...  So, in my opinion, doing CE and taking IF1 doesn't make any sense incorrect - because it makes PLENTY of sense to utilize them both.  And since it's my job to correct misinformation whenever it's posted, I'm sure we can agree that there was nothing wrong (and certainly nothing "hostile") about me asking you to provide factual evidence of your opinion, and advising others to disregard your opinion until you provided evidence to support it.

Just tell me how people you cured so far? I could easily take offense at that question, because in light of your other comments, it seems like your intention may be something other than "good" (and two people have already emailed me to suggest I ban you because of this post).  But it is a very legitimate question, no matter what the intent.  As Dr. Schulze says, "I've never cured anyone, people cure themselves".  I am not God, nor am I anybody else, so I haven't cured anyone.  But I've cured myself of many issues and Rocky has as well...amongst our self-cures - 15 years of depression, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, polycystic ovarian disease, pre-mature menopause and hormone imbalance, hidradentitis suppurative with lipomas, adrenal fatigue, and many other "minor issues".  Neither Rocky or I have had a cold or the flu for 10 years.  As far as others that have healed themselves utilizing the combined protocols of the healers with my input? The list really is huge (and there are majors like liver cancer, cervical cancer, and of course you saw all that 'Wings accomplished  - and of course, the wonderful testimonies of Miss H) - there's also the various cures on the forum of people getting off or lessening their reliance on many pharmaceuticals (which are all "cures" at various levels), and the forum reports where others have suggested various protocols to others and shared their victories.   I have countless reports via email of people getting off meds, reversing various diseases (one even almost completely knocked out Tourettes!), helped many save their gallbladders and a few appendixes (not to mention helping almost 20 people get safely off benzos & psych drugs), helped one eldery stroke victim get off several heart/bp meds and blood thinner...and again, LOTS of minor issues - not to mention the countless people that have been inspired & empowered to make their own products that never email or post.  I get dozens of "thanks for your help & products" emails weekly.

In conclusion, regarding your post and the insinuations/accusations.  This is my forum, so even though I don't happen to enjoy (in ANY way) taking on the role of "boss" or correcting people's misinformation (particularly when posters don't even have enough respect to bother posting factual data when their opinions disagree with the protocols I suggest), there's simply no one responsible but me...and it is my responsibility to ensure the integrity of the content of this forum.  I've made some mistakes and errors in judgment along the way in this regard, because it's been a VERY steep learning curve for me to transition from one-on-one coaching & counseling to 'managing a forum' AND a rapidly growing apothecary.  And one big mistake I've made is in allowing people to be disrespectful to me (when I won't allow anyone to be disrespectful to anybody else).  And you can be sure, that will be corrected.

And just so you're aware, in the future if you want to post erroneous opinions that aren't factually backed up and/or make unwarranted accusations & assumptions (veiled or otherwise) about me or my knowledge-base before having the respect to ask a few simple questions to gain the information needed that would substantiate or eliminate your 'whatevers', the reply you receive will likely contain very real & actual hostility (and likely be as disrespectful as whatever it is you post).

Quickie disclaimer (that I want to be sure everyone knows that I know) - no matter how "perfect" any healer's protocols may be or have been and no matter how much experience they have (clinical or otherwise), every human being has varying levels of compromise...and there IS a possibility that someone needs to eliminate something or doube/triple something else (when that's never been the case, ever before in history).  Like I've said many times's SO important that you don't just listen to me (or any other teacher or advisor); that you ask tons of questions and do your own solid research (before creating "opinions") and that you listen closely to your doctor within!

Blessings of health -





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