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Re: OK, I'll bite.....
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: OK, I'll bite.....

I hear you, my friend, I hear you.

If MH does not own the website and you acknowledge this, then why would you think he would upload to it? It's a little thing called deductive reasoning in which you seem to be lacking. Throw in some educated guesses and you can basically answer your own questions.

I am also on dial up on this particular computer. I can not upload anything larger then 500MB because my computer crashes.

I do not type like MH, I do not speak like MH. I speak like myself and I type like myself, highly educated and able to make rational, reality based decisions and conclusions. I have a very high command of the English language, kind sir.

I find it highly offensive that you liken me to anyone, when I am individual and I acknowledge you as individual. But this is another attempt by you to wrong target and misdirect anger, when the targert is with you.

I have answered you in the past, you acknowledged. The problem is, you are not on the same page as many peole here and you skim read, with lack of comprehension, missing answers posted right in front of you. This is most likely a result of sharing a different reality from the poster. It's hard to share ideas when you do not share the same reality. Please search Lapis' Blog called "Creating Reality", I am sure 9thbody can help you find that. Or rent the movie called "What the bleep do I know", on Quantum Physics and reality, it's a keeper. You might also want to do some reading on Kundalini Yoga if you are not going to cleanse. I do not have the time nor the desire to look it up and spoon feed it to you.

I defend as I would ANYONE, even you, who is under attack, regardless of the position of right or wrong becasue we are all entitiled to make our own decisions, in fact the laws of nature require it. We are all entitled to make a living any way we choose. You were mad becasue you feel you got shammed. Sad for you, but why would you want to sadden everyone else here who already invested? Although I can see your alterior motives in wanting to "help" others, the fact that it happens by causing other people to feel the pain you feel is, by far, the greater wrong.

This is the point I find particularly offensive from you. You are the sharer of bad news, this is a VERY low toned, degraded being that shares such information, just look at the media as example. Also is the antagonistic person, poster, the one who asks, gets an answer, does not like the answer and so decides its OK to spread that negativity on to others. THIS is what I disagree with. You attack and you push buttons and you ignore people who try to help you. You only share positivity with those who agree with you.

Personally, before I spend money, or make ANY kind of investment, including time, I research and make sure it is the best possible decision. You did not do that and for that you decided it was OK to bring other people down with you. That is a very unadmirable thing to do. You should have addressed the person, MH, privately, that you felt you were duped by and let everyone else make their own decicions of how much was OK to spend on the work. You have his email since you ordered from him, you even have his telephone number. Yet you decided it was OK to bring down the positive atmosphere of the forum with your own negativity.

Supression is forcing other people to bend to your will, even in the spiritual world and you did that. You supressed the people who already purchased the book by causing them to feel badly about thier purchase. You supressed the people who intended to buy it by stating it was not a "good deal" and you suppressed the person who brought the worth of the book to everyones attention, limiting his business and labeling him a fraud. He read that book, re-read that book, practiced that book for how ever many years and decided it was of value and so shared it with you. He decided based on his EDUCATED experience that it was the MOST worthwhile book and SHARED IT WITH YOU! How much is your life worth to you? You could buy hundreds of books on diet, health, and never find the right one that is truth. How about the ATKINS DIET book? That's agood example. How do you think people felt when they bought that book BEFORE the guy died of a massive heart attack?

Do you know how much money it costs to go to the School of Nautural Healing to be able to even HAVE the title of Master Herbalist? Do you even know what MH stands for? Well, I can tell you, it costs upwards of $10,000 and at least 4 years of full time study. I looked into it and decided it was better that I just sit back and let the people who already did the work help me. Therefore, is it worth it for me to spend the $50 for the book from someone who KNOWS it's value and KNOWS it works? Yes, it's worth it just to have been able to make that decision for myslef and not have someone shoving down my throat that my $50 was not well spent. And I did not even buy the book.

Do you buy something from a store, then find it years later cheaper then attack the store selling it for more money? Do you then take out an ad in the paper telling everyone else what a sham the store is for trying to sell you something for a few more bucks then you can get elsewhere? No, you return it and get your money back, which had you taken the high road and called MH personally, you would have found out that he guarantees all his products. It's called economics, my friend. Law of supply and demand, only in this situation you have the benefit of someone actually TRYING out the information and prividing it to you with guarantees that it works.

Whatever else you pointed out I have no need to defend or to address as my entire point from the beginning is that you acted irresponsibily towards this board and it's host. You attacked instead of trying to resolve and you did it publicly which is really a no-no in my world. Then you attacked me when I gave you the answer you sought because you didn't like my answer. It's dehumanizing, degrading and not unlike chastising a child in public, forcing to feel your wrath and humbly shrink in your omnicient pressence.

Opinions ARE like A$$holes, we all have them. I am entitled to mine you are entitled to yours. Just try not to drag EVERYONE else down with yours. There is always a higher road to take and although it is the more difficult path, strive to achieve the ability to take the path that improves your spiritulaity and improves the sprituality of others. Strive for the greater good and if that means sacrificing your immediate satisfaction, then so be it. It is a terrible thing to be a person who supresses. You will not go far. To be able to grant being-ness to another is one of the greatest accomplishments in life and so very difficult to acheive. Act with love. Think with compassion and choose your battles wisely. I hear you, I do NOT disagree with your thoughts, only your actions. No one is perfect, only our intentions are perfect.

MY intention is to try to show you how your actions effected everyone negatively, when you could have only effected one. You even pushed my buttons and mine are HARD to get going. Strive to effect others positively. Strive for the greater good.



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