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Re: MH also wants people to learn/know how to make their formulas
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: MH also wants people to learn/know how to make their formulas


The School of Self-Applied Prevention is based on my education with the Christopher schooling. There you pay about $5,000 and each study course uses a simple book and study guide. The book is not enlarged, not high lighted and many times a $10 book. I take a book apart, enlarge it, high light it based on what I want a person to learn, I know of no one else on this earth that does such a thing and the study guide then makes a person reread the book and use their hand to write the answer, this is done so a person learns.

I have seen the most educated people get nothing from a book, because they speed read and ignore everything they don't want to accecpt. A harvard Docter had zero idea how to do a orange juice fasting after reading the 108 page booklet and first school book, she felt she had to eat the oranges!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to explain to her why and then she accepted and did it and changed her life. "IF" she had did the study guide then she would have learned.

The average book/study guide at Christopher's is about $500.00, your paying for the experiences, not the cheap book. I read books for 10 years and spent at least $20,000 on wasted books and products until I learned what was right and what was wrong with books.

The School of Self-Applied Prevention is for a VERY, VERY select few, I always figured on less than 100 people. Christopher's is world known for 40 years and has about 40 people a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bleive my first study sets a person free more than their $5,000 study can, because their study is limited to herbs. My schooling has no limits.

A person can make their own dewormer as described free on the web by Dr. Clark INFO websites, few ever do, they pay $34.95 for 2 ounces of Clarkia, a very, very small % buy my formula for $34.95 for 16 oz.

I expect less than 5% that purchased the first schooling book will finish the BOOK II study guide and it is ONLY these 5% that I want to see BOOK III and onward, that is why I consider BOOK I my baby book or beginners book and those that can not handle doing wat it suggest will never handle what the future BOOKS REQUIRE.

We always return a person's money when they return a product and I cross them off the list, I do not want to have a customer that does not understand the use of Natural products and does not understand self-experimentation. I cross off about 1 customer per year. I think most realize there are few places you can go and get a unpolluted herbal product, very few make a commerical herb with our fancy scientific methods that basically make the product worthless or toxic.

I will make custom 1 of a kind products for individuals and many times this is what slows me down and makes others wait for their orders, many times I make a product for a person and then when it is ready, they have moved on and don't want the product! I run into all kinds of expences and we still have never made a profit at years end, it is still just a hobby. "IF" I just sold the dewormer and Lower Bowel Balance, then surely I would make a profit, but I enjoy self-experimenation and that cost allot of $$$ most of the time.

I use about 1 out of each hundred books I have read. Out of paying a Dead Naturopath's Widow $1,000 sight unseen collection of life time accumulations of medical garbage, I used 2 books and 1 video, the 2 van loads of other garbage was given away or thrown away and I have the Royal Rife machines and papers I hope to recoup a little of the money back.

In reality I have few expenses compared to Dr. Christopher's Schooling, they have hired staff,business, factory, etc. and that is why you pay $5,000+ to take their schooling and you don't do it unless you accept this.

I have given $150-$300 for down loads on the intternet because some scientist believes he has the answer and 100% of them to date have been all CRAP and they don;t pay you back 1 dime, they take your money and keep it and you accept this when you click the mouse and send you $$$. I believe 95% of what is out there is CRAP and a way to take your $$$$, they prey upon the sick.


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