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Re: Thinks, thoughts & healing suggestions....Re: Eczema Issues
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Thinks, thoughts & healing suggestions....Re: Eczema Issues



Thanks again for answering my questions.  I edited my original post yesterday with some more questions, but I probably should have made an additional post instead to avoid confusion.  No problem!  When I begin to reply to a post (and it sometimes takes me days to finish),  I hit 'reply' ...and then all I see/reference is the original post when I'm working via the reply windowsSometimes I have a lot of replies started, so it's easy for me to 'miss' additions & edits (and other replies).   Anyway, here are the questions that I added (plus a couple more) thanks for reposting :)

  • I have used the Slippery Elm for a few days now, but it hasn't seemed to help my eczema at all. Hmmm, the combination of Slippery Elm bark powder and good quality Aloe gel should be yielding some level of something positive...even if it's just a 'smidge.  So the first thing we need to check is "product" the Slippery Elm bark powder either certified organic or wildcrafted and is it the right color (it should be light tan or 'fawn' in color...not dark brown or tinged with orange, as that would indicate it had been 'burnt' by the drying or grinding process).  Is the aloe gel really aloe gel (like they sell at Mountain Rose).  Aloe gel is frequently labeled (scammers! argh!!!) "98/99% Pure Aloe"...but when we look at the fine print, we see the product is made up of a bunch of various chemical glops with just a wee-tiny bit of aloe.  What wee-tiny amount of aloe gel in the product IS 98/99% "pure"...but the bottle contains virtually NO ALOE GEL (grrr).  So check that and make sure you've got 'quality product'.  Is it normal for it to burn and sting a lot when I put it on?  It's normal to have 'burn & sting' when applying anything to rashes, open wounds and areas such as are created by's hard to know what "a lot" means for each individual (our pain tolerances are so different).  How does this 'burn & sting' compare to 'intense a lot' you'd experience if you'd sliced yourself with a razor blade and poured on alcohol?   It is quite painful for about 20 minutes while it dries, and then it becomes so dry that it feels like the skin will crack when I move my arms, especially on the inside of my elbow when I bend it.  It doesn't seem very soothing at the moment, but I'll stick with it if that is how it is supposed to be. Hmmm, dries in only 20 minutes?  That doesn't seem right.  Before I go to bed I'll mix some aloe gel & slippery elm, apply it, and see how long it takes to dry on me (I was thinking I remembered it took a couple of hours, but I could be wrong).   Should I apply the Echinacea or Comfrey oils on top of it?  If you apply the oils on top of 1/8" of dried Slippery Elm/Aloe, it's unlikely the oil would ever reach the skin.  You apply the oils directly to the skin you're wanting to heal...and then you can add the Slippery Elm/Aloe - or not.   The first few times you try the oils, don't add anything else (for at least 3-4 hours) - that way you'll have some idea of the action of the oil/s by themselves.  Also note: we use organic coconut oil for our herbal they're solid at room temperature, but will melt into 'regular oil liquid' as they come into contact with your body warmth.  So don't scoop out a bunch thinking it's a "salve"...or you'll end up with it dripping all over the place :)     Also - this blend should pretty-much 'stick' to the skin and stay in place for at least a day or two (where it's not in a "bendy place" like the elbows, fingers, etc).   Is this the case? Or is what you're applying 'falling off' much sooner than that?
  • I ordered both the cayenne powder and the tincture.  I am adding the powder to my ACV drinks, but how often should I take the tincture?  If you're taking the powder 3x daily, that's excellent.  The tincture is easier to use for many people because it 'burns less long' and assimilates before reaching the lower colon (which means there's no burning on the way out).  You can use the tincture anytime you'd like to in your ACV blend.  The tincture seems to get into the bloodstream a bit quicker (so it's fantastic for emergencies, like needing to stop bleeding, heart arrhythmias/attacks, etc), but it doesn't have the direct action in the intestines on parasites and increasing peristalsis like the powder.  It's good for you & your dad to familiarize yourself with both!  Btw, if/when you order again (and you have tincture leftover), put in the Note Section that you'd like a couple of 'sample size' empty bottles...and you can put the tincture in those and then you & your dad/mom can keep them in your purse - car - garage - pocket to have for emergencies).
  • Should the cayenne powder be refrigerated?  Dried herbs always stay freshest in airtight containers in the freezer...BUT...when we take them out of the freezer, the jars "sweat' (on the outside AND the inside), and this adds moisture to the herb.  So most recommend to keep dried herbs in a glass, airtight jar in a cool/dark place.  And since the 'shelf life' of most dried herbs is at least a year or two (and you'll likely have used it all in a couple of months), then a glass jar in a cool/dry place should be fine.
  • I started the liver cleanse today, and I just wanted to confirm that I should take the tinctures in the dosages on your label, not the dosages that Dr. Schulze lists in his instructions.  On the instructions that came with the first liver cleanse I bought from him, it says to take 4 droppersful of Liver Tincture 3 times a day and 3 droppersful of the Detox Tincture 5 times a day.  I did read your instructions about not adding the Liver Tincture to the tea, so I'm taking them separately.  I am taking 2 droppers of the Liver Tincture and 2 of the Blood Detox Tincture.  Since the Blood Detox Tincture says to take 2-6 droppers at a time, should I be taking more of it?  Dr. Schulzes "dosage instructions" are all over the place (depending upon when in his clinical experience he was interviewed; what he was recommending at the time; what patient/instance he was recalling, and what point he was attempting to make.  (That's not meant to be criticism, it's just important to remember).  We find all kinds of conflicting information regarding 'dosage'...and since we know that it's been 70 years since Christopher was in practice and over 20+ since Schulze was (and we know we NEED to 'ramp it up' to make up for a more toxic environment/body)...I always recommend the highest dose recommended (typically found in the SYL manual), and maybe more when there's a serious compromise.   For the 5-day cleanses, you should use a 2oz bottle of the Liver/GB tincture and a 2oz bottle of the Blood Detox for each 5-day cleanse.  A 2oz bottle contains approximately 84 "droppersful" (what you can 'squeeze up' into a dropper is a "dropperful").  So that means you'd take 16 droppersful of each daily.  If you've started and haven't taken that much, you can either 'save up the extra' for the next cleanse, or add what you've missed to the remaining days, or take the tinctures after the cleanse :)  
  • How long should I wait between taking IF#2 and other tinctures, Superfood, or IF#1?  I just want to make sure it doesn't absorb the other things and decrease their effectiveness.  Assimilation is always faster and more efficient on an 'empty stomach' (around 15 minutes with no food).  Think of the tinctures like liquor - folks get drunker faster when they drink on an empty stomach.  BUT even if their stomach is full, it eventually assimilates and they still get drunk.  So try to take things 15 minutes apart from food (except the IF#1, that's supposed to be taken with meals)...but don't worry about it if you're not "persnickety-perfect"'ll all get in eventually :)

Thanks also for the information about the cayenne.  My dad has been taking the ACV drinks with me and we're working on increasing our cayenne dosages :).  WOOHOO!  It's awesome that your dad is 'getting on board' and that you're increasing your dose size.  Good for you both! 

Thanks again...You're more than welcome!

Blessings - Uny


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