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Can someone give advice
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Published: 9 years ago

Can someone give advice

Hi -

I posted a while back and was in really bad shape. I still am not doing well but things have changed and I'm not sure how to deal with it.

I was on a lot of Antibiotics and also had a lot of mucous in my stool. I got severe sensitivities to almost all food, medicines, probiotics, etc. I got on Caprilic Acid,Bentonite, Psyllium(had sensitivity to this). I then switched to Diflucan for 6 weeks. I was also taking digestive enzymes (1 had HCL in it). I then had an upper
endoscopy to rule things out not thinking there would be anything but lo and behold I had moderate erosive gastritis. The cause is usually NSAIDS but in my case I beleive HCL did it. I didn't have H Pylori. My stool sample from Metametrix came back with something like unknown parasite. I've been dealing with Morgellons ever since I was treated for Lyme Disease which by the way was never conclusive. So, I have been on herbs to deal with parasites. My ulcer started acting up after the scope and I was told to stay away from red meat and fats. I was already having issues digesting fats (both during this time and when I was being treated for Lyme - I had my gallbaldder out) but between the 2 time periods was having no issues with fats. Anyway, I have been sensitive to so many foods but now the sensitivities aren't quite as pronounced but I still can't figure out what foods I can eat because I seem to always get some sensitivity. Before I found out about the ulcer, meats seemed to work best. Now, I have gone to eating mainly fish for almost all meals. I know there can be problems with mercury but what are my choices. I have a reaction to both chicken and brown rice so that's out. I also seem to do best with brussel sprouts (but that bloats me so bad). I can also handle zucchini and other squashes and starches aren't the best for candida. It seems like some times I can handle a food, then I can't. As a result of this lack of calories, I've lost 50 pounds since July. I am worried about weight loss. Also, I have started eating more of the grains like quinoa, amaranth, and Sustain (sort of tolerate) and I know that is bad for the yeast. I have been working on healing the leaky gut and I did have to resort to prescription Prilosec because I was in pain when I slept with the ulcer. Now, I only am taking 1 enzyme and food is absolutely sitting in my gut and not digesting for hours (used to digest 1 1/2 hours after I ate. I also used to have severe anxiety responses from some foods and thank God that has really died off and the other reactions aren't quite as bad as they were.

Anyway, if you have been able to wade through all of this, I'd appreciate any feedback. I'm worried that candida will come back with increase in carbs and lack of digestion and that I'll build bacteria in gut (previously no bad stuff from test results). Not sure when to start back up on antifungals (the naturals were bothering gut before) and what foods to eat. I am dealing with a doc from Colorado for the leaky gut and parasites and I'll be talking to him to see when I will be done with the parasite herbs. Probably within the month... I'm working on trying to get my system to not be completely infammatory so I think I should probably go slow since there is so much inflammation.

I also had high cortisol levels but the meds for that can irritate ulcers so I can't take those right now. If it weren't for that darn ulcer, things would be easier.

Any ideas would be helpful.



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