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Ameba E. Histolytica as the "UNDETECTED" bug of all bugs....
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Published: 10 years ago
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Ameba E. Histolytica as the "UNDETECTED" bug of all bugs....

No lab I tried in USA has revealed Amoeba or Giardia in my tests. This is frightening and people should be aware of this. Amoeba can be deadly (as mentioned before in the forums)."

Jazzy, many people do not know, including of course many "wonderful" doctors, that E. Histolytica hardly ever shows up and that it is is the unexplained causes of many people's strange illness caused by some "alien" bug; most doctors do 1 stool test; and others, rarely wise ones will order 3; even more wise ones will order six; but literature exists--which is so easily available to any curious person--that stool tests hardly show E. Histolytica. because, as one famous doctor put it, "stool is just passing by" and often do not reveal E. Histolytica. Which is of cause a tissue invasive bug. Which does not mean it always invade organs, which it does though.
But note one thing in your quest lab test; it says everythng is negative; but E. Histolytica is "NOT DETECTED" ; a very smart thing to say. WHich of course doctors do not pick up on; because most of them are f***ing m*o*o*ns when it comes to parasites. At least this lab is wise to say that eh is "NOT DETECTED".

Now about even blood tests for detecting E. Histolytica, which most doctors trust as the golden method for finding for invasive E. Histolytica. For many doctors a blood test tell a lot about human health! NO, there are again studies showing--which doctors do not read--that even blood tests do not reveal, even in cases of liver invasive amebas! My own doctors is an example. Want an example?: Here it is:

so if you have nothing showing up, always bet on this very verstile bug....; much smarter than most doctors of course.......and their tests...supposed good tests
see.....again below.....; Eh will be there making sure that the own immune system does not recognize it, creating havoc, drilling through the walls of the stomach. but know that there are good doctors/parasitologists who know how to find it properly--using methods already prescribed by literature but hardly now followed by many parastilogists; there are also good ones who know how to treat it; But sadly only a few of them. Here is the example liver invasive amebas not detectable even in blood tests, until of course....
Infection. 2011 Jul 7. [Epub ahead of print]
Amoebic liver abscess with negative serologic markers for Entamoeba histolytica: mind the gap!
Marn H, Ignatius R, Tannich E, Harms G, Schürmann M, Dieckmann S.
Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Spandauer Damm 130, Haus 10, 14050, Berlin, Germany,
A 38-year-old male German traveller returning from Asia presented with fever, night sweats and abdominal complaints. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed several fast-growing abscesses of the liver. Three blood cultures as well as serologic investigations for the detection of antibodies to Entamoeba histolytica, performed on day 3 and 7 after the onset of clinical symptoms, remained negative. Stool microscopy revealed the presence of amoeba cysts compatible with E. histolytica infection. Taking both the amoebic and bacterial etiology of the abscesses into consideration, the patient was treated with metronidazole and ciprofloxacin followed by paromomycin. Antibodies to E. histolytica tested positive shortly after anti-amoebic therapy was initiated. The patient fully recovered, and ultrasound follow-up showed complete resolution of the abscesses within 50 days. This case leads to the conclusion that amoebic liver abscess should be considered despite negative amoeba serology and that ultrasonography is an important diagnostic tool for the early diagnosis of extraintestinal amoebiasis


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