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Re: Free holiday ebook
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Free holiday ebook

I was married for 13 years to an alien shape shifter. He invented the integral component parts for operatorless communications, the technology we now call the cell phone. He is listed as patent holder of record for the component parts that created the cell phone. Anyone can google him and read the details of the intellectual property patents.  I don't work for the government and neither did he. He was attacked by the BoD/CEO of AT&T  who had just laid a billion dollars worth of phone cable wires at the bottom of the atlantic ocean so land lines in NY could call China. The cell technology made his land lines obsolete. He was attacked by AT&T, AMA, JAMA and DoJ for a slice of the pie, profits, $$$, of the zillions in cell phone $$$ profits. Just like Bill Gates was attacked and forced to donate billions of Microsoft profits. Bill Gates was FORCED in DoJ court by AMA and JAMA to donate billions to those groups in anti trust lawsuits. My ex refused to payoff extortioners and they beat him half dead. He is alive and okay now. His goal was to get the technology out of his head to the world.  Nokia in Finland ran with the lions share of cell phone patent technology. $$$$ Corporate types crushed Motoroloa and many other USA tech CEOs. My ex survived because Nokia in Finland was an outpost satellite that was out of corporate money grubbers control. This 3D world is run by $$$$ money, not military. Military sector works for Corporate $$$$

I heard about military disinformation but that is in regard to the military sector and is just people doing thier own thing. I am not military and my ex was a conscientious objector to military, the military  beat him up also, to force him to serve/work for the militry but he objected conscientiously to kill any man. Ask, WHO pays the military, and maybe that group sends out disinformation. Or maybe its retired guys telling he truth before they die or guys out to make money, who knows.

There are more, other dimensions, other worlds and galaxies then most people know about. Some aliens, most, are good, some are bad. The tv show star trek is closer to reality then most realize.

Aliens are not stupid, they do not tell 3D people they are aliens. 3D people would freak out, try to exploit them, kill them etc or fear them. 3D humans are nuts in many aliens opinions. 3D humans are always killing each other, killing themselves and reacting stupidly to everything. 3D humans do not respect themselves or others and that is possibly why they fell under reptilian control. Over 50% of other planets want NOTHING to do with 3D humans.

There are 50% of other planets that are willing to help 3D humans. They believe humans went bad because of reptilian control/interference. They want to give 3D humans a second chance to evolvve, free of draconian domination. The bad 10%, reptilians, draconiian controlled 4th and 5th dimensional beings that want to enslave rule eat and destroy 3D earth humans.

The aliens from higher dimensions 6th dimensional beings  to 11th dimensional beings have stopped the 4th and 5th dimension reptilians from enslaving eating etc 3D humans for lunch and dinner, snacks too.

Mh has  lot of exposure to the draconian agenda of human enslavement-it is good to know where the snake traps are-to avoid them. It is also good to know there are powers higher then those evil types of farmers/controllers. There are 6 more higher dimensions of advanced beings here, 6th to 11th dimension, to HELP 3D humans progress and advance in self respect and other respect.

Imo there is a God, a universal Principle an Intelligence that governs and guides the galaxies.

I noticed some males have a harder time with thier spiritual senses then females. Not sure why that is. If you want to see good aliens ask them to visit you. Remember aliens speak in telepathic holograms and can read your thoughts, if you have mal intent or mal motive for seeking an alien they will not manifest for you. IT IS ALL IN YOUR INTENT. INTENT and MOTIVE are EVERYTHING. A being can not hide his motives or intent from higher dimensions.

There is a line in the bible that reads, what is covered shall be uncovered, what is hidden shall be revealed. God is all knowing, all seeing, our very thoughts are visible. Most 3D humans do not grasp that simple concept.


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