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Getting close by MH

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Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 10 years ago

Getting close by MH

Each year I look forward to the first day of the new year! I believe when it is the coldest out, darkest out, it has to be the best time to stop eating.

Some people try to "fast" in what would call a vacation paradise, which blows my mind, because when it is nice out and visiting / vacationing, etc.....that is the best time to "taste" the foods of ths world....we humans love to "TASTE", it is almost like we are preprogrammed to want to "taste" what others have prepared for the stomach.

I never predetermine how long to "fast" or try to take it too "serious". It should be fun, should be a time to self-experiment. I don't mind putting on a few pounds in the FALL, just so it makes "fasting" more "desirable" and easy to do!

I do believe it to be possible to "cheat" nature and eat foods we are not designed to eat.....naturally a fine line must be drawn as we get older and not pass the point of no return.

THE KEY has to be enjoy all you do, all you try and seek to do better each year.

I am excited each new year because I usually have some new herbal formulas to give a trial and I can "feel" the results of herbs better while "fasting" and each year I seek formulas that aid fasting, so it does not cause hunger, etc......I truely believe every human could live on 1 ounce of the correct food daily and never ever feel hunger and be in extreme health......the only problem is "discovering" what that 1 ounce of food would be.

WEIGHT, real true weight comes as result of the air we breathe in and this is why people starve to death no matter how fat they are....real muscle, true weight comes via good nerves, good breathing, proper sunlight, etc..

People today "IGNORE" their nerves and as the nerves go, so goes the health as they "waste" away and age horribly.

IF a person understands human health, they will see every ad selling supplements that say they "cure" are all just lies.....

Sadly people seek quick fixes and all products made commercially can not qualify as a quick fix. A quick fix is a result of the best of the best ot the best possible food for the human body and such things are not so easy to find at any cost.

I do beieve many short cuts can be discovered by those that seek them.

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