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My strange digestive system
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Published: 10 years ago

My strange digestive system

I know many, many, many, and I mean many people on curezone complain of problems of constipation, weight gain or weight loss, and liver problems. I know many talk about using colonics and any other variety to clean out the colon. Many complain of persistent hunger.

It is almost the opposite with me. I did have one silver filling that fell out 10 years ago, that is it. Copper? Have not tested.

I originally had these problems growing up, and I was morbidly obese. I then spent a year losing ALL of the excess weight. I went on a very clean very allergy free diet. I ate no grains, no gluten, dairy, soy, processed anything. Basically what I ate consisted of salmon, almonds, fruits, and vegetables. with some olive oil or coconut oil.

However after the first year of that weight loss, it became very apparent to me that, if I so much as slipped up and ate something unhealthy, especially a grain, or coffee, I would have a terrible cramping burning pain in a very acute spot under my left rib cage. These cramps could last hours or up to 3 days. Fruit juice among all offenses was probably the worst.

Another problem I dealt with, was persistent fatigue, daytime fatigue, what I late came to take as both malnourishment from what has now been 3 years of undereating, and not getting enough minerals and vitamins because of a limited diet.

Because of the cramping, I never got about even a quarter of how much fruits and vegetables a normal person would have needed to be properly sustained. So I relied a great great deal on caffeine, almonds, and salmon.

After about a year of that, and about a year ago, my health completely broke because of that. And essentially since then my immune system has been broken down. The side effect being overbearing fatigue, and my IQ being about 50 points lower.

During that time I would have some very, very mild constipation during that first year, until I started in on the caffeine. Persistent caffeine use in the latter half of that year led to me having at least 2 bowel movements a day of a normal quality. But after that Christmas, with the break in my health, it seems as though my digestive system stopped working at all.

From then on out, I had a non-existent appetite, food sat in my stomach and made me sick, my body felt bloated, tense, locked up, my brain fog was overwhelming, and since 4 months ago, my memory loss has been what I might call nearly mental impairment to the extent of not being able to pass classes, do budgeting, or take care of my personal life. I am talking about being so overwhelmed, you cannot even examine your bank account because you find it too confusing.

The catch being, that I would have several, probably three bowel movements a day. Often caffeine triggered them. And after these bowel movements, dizziness, whole body pain, dysphoria, and general feeling of doom and gloom would promptly set in.

I then over the summer began to take triphala and yerba mate, and these frequent bowel movements, which I should note were not diarrhea but of a normal kind, became what I like to dub "IBS attacks". I had these during the first year after the weight loss as well, coincidentally in the summer also.

My "IBS" attacks would become very frequent during both of those summers. I stopped the first summers, by making a bread of buckwheat and red palm oil, not drinking caffeine, and sleeping, and eating as frequent meals as I could as well as exercising.

The IBS attacks during the summer would be triggered by even a slight amount of tea or caffeine, and they were the absolute worst during the early morning. Once I had these bowel movements in the morning, the rest of the day would be ruined because of how sick I would become.

The most characteristic fact about these bowel movements, is that they became increasingly poorly digested. At the worst between the diarrhea and normal type stool, the IBS attacks produced what I describe to look just about the same as "what went in". This is alarming.

It finally did evolve into full blown diarrhea for a few brief weeks during October and November here recently, because at this point I had basically been hammering yerba mate for the caffeine for six months straight. I was stuck taking 4 advanced college courses, 2 of which I ended up failing. My attempting to overcome this intense cognitive impairment with yerba mate and caffeine led to me having mini seizures (which I did not see anyone about or mention) and me having full blown diarrhea.

Finally this just blew my immune system completely back about 5 weeks ago, and since then my throat around my thyroid has hurt, and I have eaten everything I could get my hands on to keep my strength up, even though I have no appetite.

It is important to note that, I have since going off my super healthy diet, gained weight quite a bit, quite quickly, in a matter of a week, just because of these foods, despite b.m. daily. And I do not mean good weight gain, I mean I see myself getting fat. My body cannot handle normal food, and that is obviously why I got so fat in the first place. I kept the weight off a whole two years because I did not eat hyper-allergic toxic food.

I wanted to build up my digestive system some before the heavy fasting I am about to embark upon. Since I had become dependent on enzyme supplements.

It is of course the diet and caffeine that have my immune system in this bind, and this is in fact the longest I have ever been so sick - six going on seven weeks.

In October I had fasted and avoided all fat and even almonds for a week, and had huge success for a brief, brief moment in mid October with clear thinking and muscle gaining. Both signs of a rejuvenating immune system. I suspect oxalates or copper or almonds even at this point.

In any case, I believe I have to blame a combination of duodenal ulcers, diverticulitis, candida, parasitic worms, hypercortisolism, liver/gallbladder issues, and leaky gut for compromising my.... - immune system.

At this point I am getting pretty scared of whether I have HHV-6 or XMRV or worse, because I have been tired and sluggish my entire life, morbidly obese, and brain foggy my whole life. All attributable... to immune system. I had RSVP upper respiratory infection 10 times as a young child, pneumonia, and MRSA staph for 8 years from head to toe.

So until after I lost that weight, I was pretty incapable of doing much but being room-ridden. I was really good, active, and did really really well in college the first year of school after I lost weight.

Now I am room ridden again. Going to get out the juicer, the chard, the kale, the red palm oil, the raw honey, the hemp powder... dunno about the fruit....need calories....starvation is not the answer. Looking into MH's herb syrups... Bentonite clay... Shultz's colon cleansers..

I do not quite "fit" the "I am a fat American with constipation, gallbladder stones, candida, and ravenous hunger" stereotype" There for a while, my lack of appetite and fatigue in September and October was so excruciating, that I contemplated marijuana to help me eat....


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