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update: the body is a whole, it just shows some where. no borax, baking soda!
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Published: 10 years ago
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update: the body is a whole, it just shows some where. no borax, baking soda!

very oddly, in China, dog mange is called dog ezxema. three stages:

fist stage: hives, red bumps: protective method: after pp wash, use zinc oxide powder, talc to stop itch, or lime water mix with veggie oil.

second stage: watery pimples, watery: drying method
after pp wash, use salicic acid talc for itch, use ainc sulfate 20%, Epsom Salt 30%, no oil, because oil will lead to too much moisture

third stage: scar, dry dander: prevent infection method

after pp wash, use zinc sulfate24g, lead venigar 30g, add water to 300ml, wipe on
use cream of: boric acid 10, zinc oxide30, glycerin 20, add oil to make 100

chronic:thick skin: penetrate method:

use salicic acid added to wax
iodine acid add to 100 with vaseline

always use 0.1% pp powder water to wash. It's pink like water, if you add too much will be very purple, the stuff you add to treat fish pond.

This will give you an idea of how to treat the skin rightly.

if mites goes inside, you grow candida, polyps, cancer, tissues in womb, prostate problem.

US medicine is far far behind!!!
I have also the medicne in China used to treat human exzema, also 3 stages, but they're more complicated, I have it some where, I'll look for it. It has always the same principle,not as updated as this one, that use zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate to treat ezxema.

You should take zinc magnesium pills , and calcium , with fish liver oil at the same time, so you body can choose what it needs, and absorb the needed. I have a better way of more complete minerals from natrul mountain and ocean, but sinece you can not get it, I'll just save it.
eat all kinds of seeds, especiall fruit seeds.
avoid borax, baking soda, which makes your skin dry, and more vulnerable.
use flower oil to moist your skin, which will not block the pore, and not feed the mites.
The mites is causing all kinds of diseases, eat zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate will control them, a shot of these as allergy shot should go for half year to one year. Why don't you just eat them!
The mites goes for this person to another person. It's time we recognize them, and eliminate them.
The European and Chinese know about them, but they don't know that all diseases are caused by them. But the chinese are using the nutritious theory to make their traditional medicine more accurate, becasue traditional medicine is very near the truth, but like when you are lack of zinc, use alumsulfate will also cure, but will have bad side effects, so chinese think of ways to eliminate side effects, in the mean time, they add a lot of things to it, actually when side effects are eliminated, only when the right nutrition is contained in some of the ingredients they put in. They change ingredients all the time, and finally got the best one that work best.
Us has to act fast, to take all the ingredients thye use, and using the theories, Australian and other countries found, and learn fast, then new medicine will have a maket of ours, otherwise, we're out!
I'm not opening a e-book, selling these remedies, that would sure work, the whole nation's health is at stake, the whole nations' future is at stage. We focus on gene altering all these 15 years, while other countries focus on nutrition, and have tons of medicine that works. Many Chinese also have modern life disease, becasue they only use western medicine, only those who use combined medicine benefit, before long people will all use combinations. combinations are more fast, accurate.
My skin all cleared up, my hemorrhoid grew so big, becasue I use zinc oxide cream, the mites have no where to go, thye run in my hemmoroid, and every where near it. if I apply cream on it, they run on my arm, I have to oil my hand and arm first, before handling the hemmorrhoid. I think I still have pimples in my vagina, or even my womb, that I could not reach, so it lasted that long I need to lure them out by using venigar, and natural oil. The trick is if you only use these, you'll feed them more. But if you lure them out, and kill them, it's fine. If you're using Antibiotics that kills them, you can lure them out using oil.
I recommend venigar more, because oil makes the skin to wet, and feeds them more. only use oil, if venigar hurts, and skin is too dry, and tend to crack.Apple cider venigar is said to make eggs not hatch, I kind of believe it, but need to practice more. At the first sign of itch at your private spot, add a little acv to the water and sitz bath works, but baking soda bath will always make you feel good one day, and worse there after.
I'm thinking of an combination of a safe way, that eliminate them at the first sign they over grow, like you have thickened food bed, nail disorder, thrush, ulcer in mouth, anything.
The mite is causing all kinds of diseases.Have this in mind, and all your suffer will disappear, if your method lures them out and kills them.
farmers use Sugar and venigar added ddt, to lure mites, and burn them afterwards.
borax water can be used only for thick foot skins, and thick ezxemas, because those skins are dead already, needs to go. nevver use them on good skin.

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