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Michael B Views: 130,383
Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Spontaneous Candida Die-Off: My heroic journey and Victory against Systemic Candidiasis

Dvjorge, you are wrong on 3 counts:

1) You are wrong about the liver flush stones.

2) You are wrong about the candida colonies.

3) You are wrong to post such a response in a support forum.

There is an overwhelming case for the intrahepatic reality of liver flush stones as well as an enormous body of anecdotal evidence on this site's archives.

1) The idea that liver flush stones are somehow a product of the flush itself very quickly falls apart when you consider the occurrence of stones with a calcified shell being released in conjunction with the regular stones. When cut in half these stones are jade green. Andreas Moris's wife instantly cured her acute back pain after releasing 100 of these such stones.

2) Oftentimes the stones are passed in conjunction with liver flukes and other parasites of intrahepatic origin, like in my case stones covered in mycelial candida.

3) Stones cease being released after the flushing is complete, accompanied with a cessation of symptoms associated with intrahepatic stones.

4) Some flushes produce no stones; while many have reported releasing stones without flushing at all.

5) The size and amount of the liver stones released are strongly correlated to the diameter range and ratio of the biliary duct network. There are innumerable tiny stones often the size of a grain of sand released, with increasingly fewer quantities the larger the stone is, tapering off to about 1cm, the diameter of the common bile duct.

6) There is a progression to flushing, with improved digestion and cessation of ailments for a brief period followed by a return of ailments and reduction in digestion as the deeper stones progress forward down the biliary ducts and once again occlude bile flow. More stones are released after 6 weeks after a flush than after 2 weeks.

7) There are varying colors of stones released at the same time despite passing nearly clear water due to the purging effects of the epsom salt, and consuming clear oil in the flush drink. Stones stored in the liver from different time periods and composed of different materials are released at the same time. There are also different colors of stones passed from flush to flush.

8) People, such as myself, have passed stones immediately after consuming the flush mixture.

9) People have passed stones on the eve of the flush before taking any mixture.

10) People have passed stones during the apple juice preparation phase.

11) People have passed stones from coffee enemas.

12) People have passed stones from eating several avocados.

13) People have passed stones from drinking carrot juice after prolonged water fasts.

14) The time of passage through the gastrointestinal tract is insufficient for saponification and formation of stones due to the laxative effect of epsom salt. Contractions of the gallbladder are felt just minutes prior to releasing the stones.

15) Some stones are clearly observed to be comprised of smaller stones that have clumped together over time, correlating to the formation of intrahepatic stones where smaller stones from the smaller biliary ducts clump together with other smaller stones as the ducts merge together into a larger duct.

16) Some tubular formations are released with hollow centers resembling the tubular shape of biliary ducts.

17) There are direct physical sensations of stones leaving the liver and gallbladder and traveling down the intestines.

18) Upon releasing stones, there is permanently more room to breathe, and more room for the stomach to expand and comfortably hold more food.

19) Completely flushing the liver until no more stones are released is directly and strongly correlated to the cessation of longstanding symptoms associated with intrahepatic stones.

Considering all the above, it should be overwhelmingly evident to any reasonably thinking individual that the origin of the liver flush stones is indeed intrahepatic.

Now consider some of the counter arguments from the proponents of the fecal soap cult: "Fecal dye" accounting for the various colors of the stones (what about passing only clear water prior to passing stones?) ,"Undigested cellulose" accounting for tubular waxy formations with a hollow center (once again, what about the fast beforehand and the absence of intestinal debris?), "calcium oxalates from the carrot juice" accounting for calcified stones (this one has got to be the most ridiculous. Does anyone really believe that calcium from carrot juice can coat a liver stone with a hard white shell in the 20 seconds it takes to exit the intestines?).

The origin of the liver flush stones is indeed intrahepatic.

And as for the candida fungal colonies, they are obviously not mucus. Mucus is a viscous colloid containing enzymes, immunoglobulin, inorganic salts, proteins, and glycoproteins known as mucins that give it it's unique texture and viscosity.

The candida colonies in my photos are fungal colonies with cell walls and a distinct texture and smell.


It is not mucus. You can pick it up and it maintains its shape. You can pull it and swing it around and it will not break. You can squeeze it and it will not part. It releases an acrid odor when dying that resembles brewers yeast, gasoline, and rotten eggs. I have released some with bloody insertions where their rhizomes penetrated my intestinal lining. Oftentimes they have veins going through them resembling a nervous system.

I believe I have made my case.


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