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Re: Candida Parasites or somethng else? My story in tears, help.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Candida Parasites or somethng else? My story in tears, help.

Awwww hun I am so sorry ((hugs)) I am not sure I have anything to constructive to add besides all the excellent advice already presented here by the people who are WAY more knowledgable about this then me but I have a few thoughts... I am lucky even though I have candida it not even half as severe as you has described and I thought I had it bad! Most my symptoms though are not overly noticable its just mainly the fatigue/anxiety/ Depression I luckily do not have all the outwards signs of it like all your skin problems(although I do have keratosis pilaris which are little bumps on the skin but luckily those aren't overly noticable) but what I have is bad enough!

I also figure I have adrenal fatigue which often comes along with candida so that is also something to look into as well...Getting enough sleep and learning to manage your stress is very vital to getting rid of candida...I know when I am feeling tired and stressed it leads to mini anxiety/panic attacks which I have also had to put up with most my life...

I am not sure about parasites but I suggest you go ahead and do the cleanses anyway in fact do all the flushes/cleanses at least one...I am going to start them here shortly I have been a little short on funds or would have done them sooner...Colon cleanses are good to start with to help get rid of the candida faster...

Some things I did not see mentioned so far that may be helpful...Your body is probably depleted of essential nutrients so I'd definetely add at least a multivitamin to whatever you are taking... I am not very knowledgable in that area so I'll let you do your own research into what other supplements you should be taking...Also you probably have digestive issues I have found eating ACTIVA yogurt which is rich in probiotics helps ALOT when it comes to digesting my food and fighting candida altough you mentioned you may have issues with dairy but it might be worth a shot...The better your digestive system is working the faster you get rid of the candida obviously so my advice would be to work on that for sure!

Antifungals I have taken(once again this is what worked for ME everyone is different and you need to experiment to see what works best for YOU) are as follows:

1) Raw onions and garlic
you said you had issues with these but for me they have worked great onions especially help me feel more clearheaded...garlic also works great although raw garlic is apt to give me a bit of a tummy ache...maybe take garlic supplements instead...I took garlic supplements off and on as a diet supplement for two years as well as Omega 3 before I even knew I had candida which may be one of the reasons my candida is not as severe as it could be...

2) Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
You mentioned you are taking this and I suggest to continue because it works pretty well...I had to quit because I really hate the taste/smell of coconut and it was starting to make me gag lol but it really is good for you!

3) Apple Cidar Vinegar
This has worked well for me I usually took a small spoonful(diluted in at least half a glass of water) morning and night before I eat and right before I got to bed as it seem to work best on an empty stomach...

4)Spices such as tumeric, cinnamon, cloves, cayenne pepper
These are cheap and easy to add to your meals...Tumeric and I believe cayenne pepper can also help if you have parasites...

5)Pau D' Arco
Currently taking this in capsule form it seems to be fairly effective!

The main thing taking one antifungal for to long can make the candida get used to it and become immune so its a good idea to switch them up a bit or even quit antifungals for a bit before starting up again with a different kind...Some say as often as every two weeks but I find mine stay pretty effective for up to a month or so then I usually take a week or two break and just take lots of probiotics before starting up again...

One more thing I think keeping a diary on what you are doing and how you are feeling is also a good idea...Write how you feel when you wake up and when you eat and after you take your probiotics and also any bowl movements so you can keep track of what works and how much improvement no matter how small which will help you remaion positive! It really sucks we have to deal with this but remember you are not alone and we are all rooting for you! Feel free to message me if you need to talk!

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