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Re: Candida Parasites or somethng else? My story in tears, help.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Candida Parasites or somethng else? My story in tears, help.


The crazy symptoms that you feel from doing the diet can be extremely discouraging for someone who is trying to find an answer. Because you feel like its a never ending cycle. No diet and fungus overgrows, then do diet and gets a little better until you have absolutely no energy and fungal symptoms, then again until you think your body is just confused and dysfunctional. In my opinion, the candida is excellent in tricking your body psychology and physiology. You think you need something but it is really your candida that needs it. That explains the intense Sugar cravings that one can get. Amazingly enough though your body can live without the carbs, because it can burn fat and use protein as a source of fuel for energy. That is why a zero carb diet is essential to beat this thing. It will be hard in this beginning because the candida is doing everything it can to grow and get the glucose it needs for growth. But when you overtime have reduced the candida enough, the no Sugar diet is going to be very easy.

Also, I have gone through that whole scenario of seeing a famiily doctor, and then just being told I am crazy and just have stress. Your doctor most likely has no clue about what a true food allergy /sensitivity test is. You have to find a special testing place for this. It will be expensive, but it is very important because it will take a load off the immune system for it to recover. I live in New York and went to Immunohealth in Manhatten. I dunno where you live but look up
and maybe you'll find a location.

Also, your Doctor will absolutely not give you DMPS injections because he won't know what they even are, and most doctors are not educated in the subject of heavy metal toxicity, they'll just send you to the emergency room. You need to also visit a specialist. I went to a Holistic M.D. which practices in Long Island. I also thought there's no way I have heavy metal poisoning. But after 6 months of seeing no results and getting worse on the diet, I though I have nothing to lose and everything to gain from getting myself checked. I did the DMPS challenge test and low and behold my mercury levels were 4 times the normal amount and my lead levels were twice the normal. I don't know how accurate that test was but I know that the treatment for it helped! You have nothing to lose when you're already so sick. Personally for me the DMPS IV helped the most, I experimented with cutler's protocol for 3 months, but found greatest relief from DMPS IV. When I see people with a mouth full of fillings and amazingly good health it also deters me if mercury poisoning can really be a problem for people. But I realized that everyone is different with different genetics. Some people are more sensitive, and their immune systems can be disrupted from the smallest of disturbances. I know I am very sensitive. There are a bunch of theories that involve autism with heavy metals, saying that Autistic people are more susceptible to heavy metal problems. Seeing that your brother is autistic, you share a gene pool with him and might be more susceptible too. Save yourself some time and get yourself checked, or just treated.

There's a lot of fiber in veggies, but you should get a fiber supplement in the beginning stages for sure. I have a portable sauna at home, but maybe you can use one at a local gym. Or if that seems like it's too much, you can just do a steam shower. Make sure your lymph is moving, try to exercise a little bit (I know it's hard with no energy), or just do jumping exercises.

I suggest you start with pure organic coconut oil. I made the mistake of going with crazy doses of Grapefruit seed extract and oregano oil in the beginning. But Coconut Oil will be much safer and beneficial to your body, and it will give you energy. Take probiotics too. Custom Probiotics really seems to be helping me. Space them atleast 2 hours from the antifungals. Drink lots of water!

If you want message me your email address. I will then send you a pdf file which has helped me.

I know this can be so tough for you emotionally. Especially when this is not a recognized disease! No one knows about it. Everyone just looks at you like you're crazy. After a while with this, I actually convinced myself that I am just an inferior human being, and I deserve to be suffering like this. I thought that my whole life I am just going to be covering up my symptoms to people so they don't think I'm crazy. My mom even admitted to me yesterday that she doesn't believe that I will ever get better with my routine. She basically said that I am a hypochondriac who blames everything on candida and I need to listen to "professional" advice. A year ago I would snap at her and curse her out for being so not understanding, but I am past that. I eventually just laughed at her and told her that when I'm cured she is going to feel soooo stupid! This whole process is emotionally draining especially when no one has a clue what you're going through. But let this just feed your pride and turn you into a tougher person. I have become a tough son of a bitch.

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