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Re: Candida Parasites or somethng else? My story in tears, help.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Candida Parasites or somethng else? My story in tears, help.

Hey Lily,

I just wanted to give you some encouragement. I am a 21 year old male and I have had all of the problems with candida, digestion, neurological, psychological, emotional (depression, OCD, suicidal thoughts, brain fog, irritability) that you can imagine. Interestingly enough, I now tie most if not all of it to my candida! 3 years ago when I first started college my candida became fully systemic and I developed really bad leaky gut. I have lost probably 12-15 pounds through all of this. My skin was soo bad where it would hurt for me to look in the mirror. I would get panic and anxiety attacks, which connected to my OCD, made me want to seriously take my own life. Throughout high school I would deal with these issues periodically, but they were very minimal compared to what I developed in college. Freshman year of college I went to see a gastroenterologist and ofcourse I was perscriped Antibiotics for my digestive issues. As soon as I took those my candida went bazurk!! My skin was covered in Acne and I had ringworm all over my arms. I would react to everything I ate. Was only able to tolerate vegetables and meat, which left me with zero energy. Slowly but surely I figured out that candida was my problem but I made huge mistakes throughout my treatment program. I believed in the miracle cures of threelac and massive doses of probiotics and antifungals without diet being necessary. This was all a waste of my time, patience, and money. I was losing the best years of my life. Finally last year I decided to take this seriously. I went on a zero sugar, vegetable and meat (chicken, turkey, fish, lamb, beef etc.) diet for six weeks. Then I slowly introduced digestive enzymes, probiotics, antifungals and was getting better. Then I felt as if I had hit a wall. I wasn't getting any better. And the die off was just killing me. I got thinning hair and eventually it started to fall out in bunches. My skin was super dry and also full of scars. It made me feel disgusting. As soon as I would get off the diet everything would return. I had very bad inflammation in my intestines this I was sure of, and a colonoscopy soon proved it. Another gastroenterologist diagnosed me with "crohns" and did not hesistate to give me immunosuppressing medication. Thank goodness at that time I was already super suspicious of doctors and their foolish treatments I refused to take the medication. How can I have an autoimmune intestinal disorder when I have all of these candida symptoms to go along with it?!! So I continued to search. I went to take a 400 dollar IGG food allergy /sensitivity test. I found out that I had insane allergies to eggs and dairy. I cut out eggs from my diet(I had already stopped eating dairy before), but I saw no major improvement because the candida was still releasing its byproducts which were damaging my system. Low and behold it was 6 months on this strict diet and I was only getting worse. Finally, I decided to look into heavy metal poisoning, and found a doctor to give me IV DMPS. Then months on this treatment and cutler's protocol, I felt that I could finally tolerate the diet and antifungals, with minimal die off. Right now I am literally taking every antifungal you can imagine at the same time and I feel like the yeast is giving up and dying. I feel less and less die off as the days go by. Everything that has damaged me in the past is slowly healing and clearing up. My skin is healing, my mind is healing, I can think clearer, sleep better, neurological twitching is going away. Mood is better, no longer thinking about having no future and dying, but am now super motivated to what my life has in store for me. I won't say that I'm cured but I am making great progress! Time will tell for me.

I have linked virtually all of my problems to candida and the byproducts that it releases. This is super damaging to one's system. When the candida gets a stronghold on your system, it is relentless and will grow super fast. The main thing you need to know is that there is a reason that the opportunistic candida is there in the first place. It is because your immune system just cannot take care of it on its own anymore. As soon as the immune system is suppressed in any way it can overgrow slightly, but it certainly takes a lot to damage the immune system to develop systemic candida or Candida Related Complex (CRC). For me personally, I attribute it to chronic heavy metal poisoning (particularly mercury and lead). I feel that I have had this most of my life, since I was a young child. I remember having panic attacks every single day in the third grade where I would cry and would have to get picked up by my grandfather from school. I also remember having long dental procedures done on me during this time which involved Amalgam fillings. I have had candida problems my whole life but they were very minimal. My immune system was able to handle it. But as soon as I hit high school and college and the stress that comes with it, my immune system could not contain it anymore. It was free to grow as much as it wants. And the icing on the cake was the Antibiotics that I took, which made it systemic. The immune system eventually becomes tolerant to the yeast and does not kill it, because it has grown so much. You have to minimize the yeast as much as possible and build up your immune system, while detoxing from the candida byproducts and die off. If you don't detox from the die off and byproducts, it will take longer than needed, because there is already such stress on the body. You have to be easy on the adrenals and get plenty of sleep so that your body has a chance to recover. Do saunas, take lots of fiber to flush out the toxins. The human body is an amazing regenerating machine. When you take out what's wrong, it has an amazing ability to heal. When your immune system is recovered and yeast is minimized, the candida will slowly leave. You will be scared of how good you will feel as I was scared. Everyday is new territory for me. I didn't know healthy people feel this good. Stay on the diet and kill the candida with antifungals and detox from the die off. This will take time and patience. I realized that you have just figured that candida can be a problem for you, so maybe you will be cured from that alone. But if not, you have to look into what caused your immune system to let such an overgrowth to occur. I definetely suggest looking into heavy metals. Good luck!

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