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Re: So Called "Crohn's disease" and Blastocystis Connection
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: So Called "Crohn's disease" and Blastocystis Connection

"Celiac Disease"

most MD would possibly agree with your doctor.

But are you 100% sure you not are tricking yourself?

The immune system has developed over tens of thousand of years, do you truly truly think it is so "stupid" it attack own tissue without a good reason????
Not a crazy rant from me, but what several doctors have suggested, like Gabe Mirkin M.D. .

yes if child is born with genetic error this is possible, but can genetic truly later in life make suddenly make immune cells attack healthy tissue for no reason? You truly believe human body is that idiotic????

Yes most MD agree there is such things as a autoimmune diseases, as cause for many chronic diseases.

But there are also MDs that think this is nonsense in most cases. They think reason is person instead have an infection, or overgrow of normal flora (due to inflammation from other causes, like non-optimal diet for years) ... They claim immune system try to attack the pathogens (or over grow of normal flora, or damaged gastro lining so normal flora can enter rest of your body), and this also cause damage in your tissue, because the immune system alone not can clear the "infection". The immune system try to keep it in control, but the right Antibiotics and or diet changes normally necessary.

These doctors have treated lots and lots of patients quite successfully with various Antibiotics and also diet changes have cured many people with such symptoms, how can diet fix genetic autoimmune diseases. How can Antibiotics cure so many automimmune disease?

Not meant as critics, my point is there is a different view here among some doctors. And good Science is not decided by democratic volte, that most doctors often use diagnoses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, firbo myalgia, chrons, celiac disease, sjogrens syndrome and you name it do not mean all trained scientist buy into this.

This is in my view mostly fancy words to describe symptoms.

Celiac disease they seem to know a little more, they know it is likely immune system causing extra trouble. But are you fully sure your doctor is right that it is a automimmune disease?

Yes most patients happy to have a name and simple explanation of their symptoms? But are you sure this is the case?

I suggest you start reading Gabe Mirkin M.D. as a short introduction

He think most autoimmune people diagnosed with autoimmune diseases are nonsense..

And I agree, I am no MD. Do your own study, my point not all MD`s agree that the immune system in so many people can be defect and attack own tissue for no good reason.

I am not a MD, but several doctos suggested autoimmune disease for me to back in 1998 to 2000....of course it was just a hard to detect infection, and I got cured...I personally do not listen to doctors suggesting automimmune disease...

yes if you are born with it may be, why would your genetic suddenly change late r on and make the immune cells attack own tissue...yes most MD seems to think this can happen I guess. Do this mean they are right, and that the few MDs that say this is nonsense is wrong..? choose yourself if you want to investigate further or not.

Did medical doctors test you for Blastocustis just as an example, did you know that even 3 samples can give false negative? Did you extensively test for other pathogens. Have you studied nutrition, and know for sure what is good for you what can harm your gut? making it wounrable for infections...Are you 100% sure your doctor is right and that your immune system is attacking healthy tissue for no good reason?????

If not fully sure, why not investigate it more?

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