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Probiotics contributing to SIBO/biofilms/feeding pathogens??
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Published: 10 years ago

Probiotics contributing to SIBO/biofilms/feeding pathogens??

I'm concerned that my probiotic is making things worse. According to this site:
and this site:

Also, someone from SCD emailed this to me to explain it further:
" When it comes to probiotics, more is not better. It is so easy for any of the microorganisms that live in our bodies to overgrow and mutate. If our immune systems are already overwhelmed and compromised, then taking a multi-strain probiotic will only add fuel to the fire, so to speak. If we are already in a fragile state after years of chronic illness or if we are on immunosuppressants because of having an IBD, then taking a probiotic supplement containing multiple strains and/or containing bacterial strains that are known to be aggressive and easily mutate like bifidus, then that will only cause more problems rather than help heal and rebalance our gut ecology.

It is easy for bifidus to overgrow and mutate. Bifidus can become a pathogen just as candida or another microorganism. An overgrowth of a
normally beneficial microorganism turns it into a pathogen. That is why Elaine recommended that we only use a few bacterial strains for our supplements or yogurt making, limiting to just the few strains that are more community minded. She discusses bifidus on her website:

I have confirmed this information in my research into the microbiology of human gut flora. It is a complex subject, and I have only just begun to make sense of things. But when it comes to healing our gut ecology, it is far better to start with a minimal amount of bacterial strains being used in fermented foods or a supplement, and let our gut flora rebalance themselves. I continually reaffirm from my research and my experiences that Elaine was right, and her recommendations are good ones to follow."

Any thoughts on this? Every healthcare professional and research article I've read has always said to take a multi-strain probiotic and that bifidus was very helpful in eliminating pathogens. But, I've recently come across info that it may actually spawn gene transfer between it and the pathogenic bacteria, making the BIOFILM stronger. I believe it is called pleomorphism. However, I have done EXTENSIVE research on whether or not Bifidobacterium contributes to SIBO and pathogenic overgrowth, and the only source I can find are SCD and Bee Wilder other scientific studies have proven this. So, I feel really torn. How can lactobacillus not contribute, but bifidobacteria can? (But Bee feels all can contribute to overgrowth and/or are useless b/c the body digests them instead of using them). Sorry to beat a dead horse, but this is honestly the first time I've heard this and I'm really concerned.

To further affirm this, though, I've had frequency testing done and it showed a negative response to multi-strain probiotics. When an anti-microbial agent was added (such as VCO, or essential oils), then the response was better....thus, this probably means that the probiotic is contributing to overgrowth, feeding the pathogens, making a stronger biofilm, and/or contributing to SIBO or dysbiosis...?

Thanks for helping

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