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Kindly Support These Charity & Humanitarian Causes - Better
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Published: 12 years ago
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Kindly Support These Charity & Humanitarian Causes - Better

Kindly Support These Charity & Humanitarian Causes - Better and Better Health Cares For Poor And Needy People & Rich And Wealthy Persons

Ok, bluntly speaking, by putting it in a simple, direct and straightforward way, objectively anyone with the slightest amount of general social exposures & experiences and no offences, common senses, reasonably would be able to detect and see through the obvious flaws of the modern medical systems which are obviously & overtly realistic, unfair and clearly health-care-related disadvantageous to the 2 types of persons, being both the poor & needy people and the rich and wealthy ones as well who are seeking medical treatments for any of their bodily disorders.

As such, please refer to these excerpts and explanations included below :

1st Excerpt (for the poor and needy people - quoted from the weblink : - Acclaimed Efficacies of The Suggested Self-administered, Needle-free, Free-of-charge Acupuncture Method and Appealed Humanitarian Causes For The Numerous Poor And Needy Others in the related prior post above :

"I think Actually these persons distributed nearly the identical sore know-how as me from such debilitating sickness and for your data, there were numerous of them who were not so well-to-do, and therefore they could not pay for such costly health accounts of glimpsing the health experts or to get Botox injections / surgical remedy to deal with their non-stop eyelid-twitching problems. Therefore, when I suggested such an acupuncture method to them, I did it out of benevolent humanity, understanding and compassion, and express gratitude God that it worked on each and every individual of them."

A) In conjunction with the bold quotations above, for the poor and not so well-to-do people who simply cannot afford to pay for the prohibitive or any "reasonable" medical fees for the purpose of treating and dealing with any of the serious / chronic bodily disorders that they are suffering painfully from, well, these pitiful people would most of the times, just simply and directly be kept out from the doorsteps of the related doctors' clinics / premises / medical establishments in the very first place, not to mention to get access to the related treatments or medications they need to relieve and cure their bodily disorders. Then the key question arising here is such that which are more important to the doctors ? Money or human lives ?

2nd excerpt (for the rich and wealthy ones) - quoted from the prior post entitled Kindly Support These Charity and Humanitarian Causes / Totally Needle-free Acupuncture / Acupressure Cure For Blepharospasm / Chronic Eyelid Twitching / Eye Blinking made above :

In such a connection, in terms of the landmark & prominent Tardive Dyskinesia symptom of abnormally rapid eyelid twitching / eye blinking as described and mentioned above, since the eyelids' organ-movements-related neurotransmitters chemicals - dopamine produced by the nerve cells / neurons are totally transparent while the eye nerves / brain cells remain undamaged, the MRI / CT-scannings would thus not be able to show and detect anything abnormal and unusual at all for their Blepharospasm / chronic eye blinking / eyelid twitching disorders, and then almost in all cases, their Blepharospasm / chronic eyelid twithcing / eye blinking disorders would then be labelled "accordingly" as "undiagnosable" / "unexplainable" by the related mainstream medical personnel, and then they are suggested to get surgery / perpetually continual Botox injections to deal with such chronic neuromuscular and visually-incapacitating disorders.

Next, that's consider the ones who have all the financial means to get any whatever medical treatments they want from any doctors, medical specialists, therapeutical experts etc. Well, for the particular scenario elaborated above which has obviously and apparently been experienced by the related persons seeking treatments for any of their complicated bodily disorders, one key point and question that would certainly be worthy to be considered and pondered over is such that - In terms of the doctors getting and taking the medical fees from their customers, well, have these doctors actually fully done & fulfilled their professional parts & responsibilities in the cases whereby when these doctors just "apparently fail to diagnose anything with their medical equipment etc", and then for the sake of their personal and other miscellaneous long-term profiteering purposes, just simply, directly and totally ignore their medical ethics, by keeping and hiding the underlying truths from their medical-fees-paying customers and then just straightaway recommend and convince them to put themselves onto something else / other medications perpetually for life so as to be able to continue earning profitable medical fees out of them from time to time. Whilst the question arising here is that, under such scenarios, which one is more important for the doctors ? The doctors' personal & miscellaneous other long-term profiteering goals or the health-cares, medical well-beings and welfares of their medical-fees-paying customers ?

Lastly, with all due respects, I mean no offences about the points of facts made above, but neverthelesss, these harsh realities remain the obviously undisputed widely known naked truths that are prevailing almost ubiquitously in the modern medical world today.

So, to the very least extent, should any positively humane changes & positively humane medical and ethical reforms be called for, promoted, advocated and effected at least on humanitarian grounds so as to at least mitigate all these harsh realities and scenarios described above ?


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