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Re: Fecal Transplant
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Fecal Transplant

Can I put in my two cents? Ok, one cent. :-)

There is confusion on probiotics, die-off, and candida in general on this forum. I am sympathetic at how many people can't get a handle on this and struggle for years!

Probiotics of any kind, even kefir, will not help - and in fact will feed - a candida infestation. There are many studies proving that lactobaccilli helps proliferate fungus when the numbers are hugely skewed. When you are completely overtaken with candida in the hypha fungal form and it's gone systemic, I mean, and is rooted and in your gut. You should not take any vitamins or probiotics until you have beaten back the candida. Maybe the Fecal Transplant WOULD help people in this case, who knows until you try it.

That being said, the people who feel a die off from something for awhile and then no results, well that is because the candida has morphed and changed shape to become resistant to it (I did this at first and spent WAY too much money on herbal remedies - it seemed to get resistant in about 7 days). Feeling a die off just means you have irritated the colony (like poking a stick into a hornet nest) and it is releasing toxins to try and fend off it's foe - it doesn't necessarily mean that you've killed anything, and it retaliates with a vengeance. I'm sure many people here have experienced this. And yes probiotics can cause a die off experience because the candida releases toxins to help kill the good bacteria, which are its enemy, unless there are too few of them to pose a threat, in which case it just eats them.

So a candida infection is a very sad, vicious cycle. We feel bad and so restrict our diet, then take supplements and probiotics, which the candida only feeds on because we've taken away it's prefered food source, sugar.

In my opinion, the only way to get rid of this is to restrict your diet, eliminating the food that makes it grow fastest, and introduce the most powerful antifungal out there that doesn't stress your other organs. For me it was nystatin powder. Oh, and do a parasite cleanse - candida and intestinal parasites go hand in hand (I used diatomaceous earth). Once it's at bay THEN you introduce the probiotics at epic levels to repopulate the gut and further extinguish the candida.

This worked for me and my kid. We are still improving and watching our diet. A little fruit or a little bread or Sugar doesn't affect us at all, but we eat a daily dose of probitics almost with every meal: milk kefir from real grains, kraut, fermented young coconut juice, water kefir from real grains.

And you have to eat more leafy greens than you would ever want. I eat at least 2 gallon ziplock bags a day.

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