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Re: Tooth and gums... Please help!

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Tooth and gums... Please help!

uh oh

you do not want the herbs in tincture form for the first formula as this is to be held overnight etc between gums and teeth

One should not buy powdered herbs except as a last resort as these do not contain the volatile oils. Always try to buy cut and sifted organic or wild crafted herbs and powder it yourself in a vitamix, a blender if it is a very soft herb or with a hammer and cloth is that is all you have. also sometimes herbs are burned in the powdering process. Organic and wildcrafted herbs contain 7-10 times the healing phyochemicals as conventional weak herbs but even these sometimes help if that is all you can find but for optimal results always use organic, fresh or wildcrafted when making herbal products.

With the 2nd formula tinctures are fine as this is a liquid formula.

You should be able to find lobelia at almost any online store that sells bulk herbs as it is very common, If from somewhere other than the USA probably one of them ships where you are.

Lobelia is the best anti-spasmodic herb there is and the only herbs Dr Christopher who originate the first formula and trained doctor Schulze devoted an entire chapter to. He said that and cayenne were nature's most helpful herbs.

So it would be hard to find one as good so I would type the words organic bulk herbs lobelia into a search. add the term one ounce if only wanting a little. Mountain rose sells organic bulk herbs cheap in 4 oz lots.

But if no luck you might try substituting another antispasmodic herb

Antispasmodic herbs are herbs that are used for muscular spasms, convulsions, and cramps. The ones Dr Christopher lists under nervine herbs that are antispasmodic are skullcap, valerian root (don't drive as may make you sleepy), lady's slipper, mistletoe (see cautions), crampbark or high cranberry, black cohosh, and wild yam. I would think it you cannot find lobelia this would be a pretty good stand in.

Some other antispasmodics are listed here


As far as the oak bark this is one of the most important herbs in the formula as it is an astringent herb which tighten tissues and this helps with the loose teeth etc.. The oak galls are rich source of the tannins but I think near impossible to find. I looked in the past for many days and down hundreds of pages to no avail. The only chance of finding them is to see them on an oak tree in your area that you can reach or know a tree cutter who will save them for you but oak bark can be substituted use three times as much (see my link at the bottom for proportions)

Did you look for organic herbs or wildcrafted as these contain 7-10 times the phytochemicals that cure and prevent disease and are what you want. Look for bulk herbs with goggle search try various kinds after the work bulk herbs such as white oak, black oak, English oak and red oak as sometimes they are listed under that as opposed to just the word oak when looking for them For Example into goggle search put this

bulk herbs white oak organic

or bulk herbs red oak wildcrafted and so on.

If you cannot find them you will have no choice but to substitute another astringent herb as this cannot be left out although maybe the lobelia could be.

The ones underlined are the ones listed in Dr Christopher's big herbal the School of natural medicine as fairly exchangeable.

For the astringent herbs (oak) Dr Christopher lists these herbs:

bayberry (bitter)

bistort or snakeweed

Cranesbill or wild geranium or wild alum root

Ground Ivy

Mullein †††

Red Raspberry ††

Sumac or smooth sumac or Scarlet sumac

tormentil or septfoil

White Pond Lily or Water Lily

white poplar† or quaking aspen

witch hazel

here are some other astringent herbs and definition

for more on these formulas and info on this topic etc see my posts in this thread

looks like you will have to paste and copy links as they don't seem to work when clicked on

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