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MMS + Raw Garlic = Extreme healing power!
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Published: 8 years ago

MMS + Raw Garlic = Extreme healing power!

I just wanted to share that I think I've recently cured a kidney infection using nothing but Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and Raw Garlic.

Approximately 8 weeks weeks ago, I got diagnosed with a kidney infection while on my 6 month break from Miracle-Mineral-Supplement (which I've been taking for years now in an effort to control a bone infection). However... on or around 8 day into my break from Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , I started getting contracting type pains in my mid back and sides and began to feel very ill. And since I was undergoing hospital tests at the time(follow-up), a urine and blood test confirmed that I had developed a bacterial kidney infection. And so I asked the doctor if he thought it was possible to treat this at home? To which he answered that kidney infections were a serious condition that require several courses of Antibiotics over a significant amount of time to treat and that he really didn't think there was were any other ways of treating a full blown infection such as this one. However... I told him that I'd like to give it a try, and so he wrote down a list of warning signs to watch for and told me to come back immediately if any of them appeared.

Ans so I headed back home and started planning my attack using MMS. And since I can no longer tolerate taking MMS in capsules(at all), I decided to start the treatment with a 10 drop @ 3 times per day. However.. after the third day, I decided to raise it to 18 drops since wasn't seeing any improvements. After which... I started feeling less pain by the second day. However, I noticed that the pains would return in the evenings, and so I concluded that the MMS probably wasn't enough to address the infection and I didn't feel comfortable adding more MMS(18 drops is my personal limit). And so I started thinking about other things that I might add to my regime to help fight this infection. And that's when I remembered someone here once mentioned using garlic along with MMS to treat some highly resistant parasites. And so I thought I'd give it a try and see if I might get better results also.

And so with that in mind, I put together a schedule made-up of 3 x doses of raw garlic combined with 15 drops of MMS, 3 times per day. Which is done by dicing(finely) 6 cloves of raw garlic(yes that's alot) and drinking it down by the handful(I use mashed potatoes to pad the stomach, otherwise... the garlic will irritate the stomach and cause me to throw-up). - I do this three times per day(either during or after my meals depending on the food), which works out to be 2 and 2-1/2 hours prior to taking my 15 drops of MMS. I do this three times per day.

Okay so now that we've got the procedure out of the way, I want to talk about the effects taking this much garlic has had on my day to day life! And the first and most obvious consequence is the - Which really started at/or around the third day, as the smell of garlic began emanating from my entire body. My wife(who doesn't really mind btw) calls me the garlic boy, though the kids really don't seem to enjoy the sent ;)

However... I think it is the physiological side effects that really make the use of garlic/MMS stand-out. And to help explain this, I've compiled a point form list of those effects:

1. When taken in large quantities, RAW Garlic is a MAJOR aphrodisiac!
2. By the 5th day of treatment, every blemish on my body had dried-up and vanished.
3. My kidney pains have all but disappeared.
4. My gum line has shrunk significantly! - Though not receded(were they always swollen?)
5. By day ten I was having moments of clarity(mental) that could only be likened to my days of youth.
6. My sleep times have gone from 10-12 hours down to 7-8 max(up at dawn).
8. My face looks 10 years younger and I have more energy than I can use.

And finally here is the most exciting part... I cannot find a single hint of pain or discomfort anywhere in my lower Jaw(which is necrotic), even if/when I press in the area that is necrotic with my finger, I feel nothing(normal) - which I haven't been able to do in the past 5 years!!!

It has been 14 days(two weeks) since I've begun my Raw Garlic/MMS treatment, and I'm going for my follow-up urine and bloodwork tomorrow morning. I'm very anxious to hear the result with regards to my kidney infection following what my doctor said was needed to cure a kidney infection with Antibiotics . Whatever the case... I'll post the results of follow-up here.

Therefore, in conclusion, I want to say that if this treatment works even remotely as well as I think it has, that we may have just discovered one of the most potent alternative Antibiotic treatments known to man! - And though I've always believed that the MMS had amazing anti bacterial properties, it always felt as though it might not of been enough to address several of the conditions that people have been using it for(broad spectrum treatments). And so I think the combination of Raw Garlic and MMS may just be the combination that is needed to compliment the MMS for those really tough infections.

Anyways... I hope this information can help someone out there. God knows we need it.



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