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Re: Misunderstood concepts about earthing.

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Misunderstood concepts about earthing.

Most any diode should work. I use the black ceramic ones. Make sure the polarity is correct. There is a white line on one end of the diode, this is the end electrons (enter) the diode. the other end is the exit for electrons, and they can only flow through the diode in that direction. You could run the earth wire in your home,,connect the diode to that and at the other end of the diode connect something like an anti static wrist band. Then you wear the wrist band around your wrist, its elastic and so much easier to do it this way. But also you could connect it to the body any old way, but the wire could be uncomfortable without the wrist band. Now the wire still carries the 60 hz field,,as I said in my earlier post, but this way allows electron flow one way into the body from earth, and the body can use extra electrons to help slow free radical damage. Thats what the antioxidant pill you buy from the store does. You swallow the pill,it donates an extra electron to the body,,good reading on such if your interested. Now there is another way to do this,,even simpler to get some extra electrons, Ill tell you about it! And this simpler way has less 60 hz oscillations in the wiring as well. I call it an antioxidant battery. You simply take a bucket and fill it with sand,,dirt would work as well but sand is better. Then take a metal pipe and stick it in the middle of it. Add water to keep the sand moist, and the wire goes from the center pipe to your body. How it works you may ask? Well Ill tell you but first be sure you have the correct polarity. Some metals want to be a positive electrode and others a negative when immersed in water, you can use a digital meter connected to the metals to see this. Look up a Science experiment called the lemon battery to understand metal polarity, or better yet look up electronegativity of metals and the electrolyte battery. And this way the antioxidant battery dont even need to be grounded to anything. So back to how it works, as a metal ever so slowly erodes in a liquid it releases positive ions usually into the liquid, but the metal itself,,the part out of the liquid becomes more electronegative, meaning it builds up with more electrons, which will travel down a wire,if it had one connected, into something else,,say your body. You can do more research on such to better understand it. Also for further understanding about such things look up cathodic protection and impressed cathodic protection. There are a few other more experimental methods, Ill mention another here. The solar cell! Positive to earth,,negative to body, use light from sun not room light since room light pulses the solar cell at 120 hz. The reason I said use a solar cell instead of a regular battery is in order for electrons to flow out a battery they must be flowing in to cause the chemical reaction inside the battery, which makes the electrons flow out again. But with a solar cell this is not the case. A solar cell acts like an electron pump. With light and any supply of electrons for the positive to use it will pump them out the negative. One can also use more then one electrode in the antioxidant sand battery mentioned earlier. Wired in series for more electron flow, even in the same antioxidant earth battery,,or more could be wired as separate antioxidant batteries as well, endless ways. So study the Science behind it all to better understand what your doing. PS I do not recommend using the house ground from an AC outlet, but if you must,its the third peg,,the round one in the outlet that is an earth ground. And if you dont have the three prong outlets but only the two prong ones. Then you can only find which of the two is ground by using a meter set to AC testing. One wire of the meter goes to one prong,,and the other meter wire must still be ran with a wire to the earth,,or a grounded water pipe or such to test. If the reading is high that means the meter prong in the AC outlet is the hot wire, dont use that one its the other. Test the other same way. If the reading is next to nothing then thats the AC ground. But like I said I dont recommend using this method, done incorrectly you could fry your meter, or worse get a very painful AC zap least your hands touch the wrong things.

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