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Huge praise & testimony (eyebright protocol)!

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Published: 9 years ago
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Huge praise & testimony (eyebright protocol)!

I'm new to CZ, only about a month..and I originally posted asking for help with glaucoma that has gone haywire..

Anyway, here's some history first:

Age 55; have had glaucoma for 25 years; was successful using ONE medication ONCE nightly up until 3 years ago.
I used REVITALASH (to grow your eyelashes - don't use any of those things) for three weeks and my ocular pressure went haywire.
Ever since then, my Opth has been trying several things to get the pressure stabilized and in an acceptable range including SLT surgeries and up to FOUR different drops taken twice a day.
And I got sicker, and sicker..

8/10/11 - I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped Drug #3.
Within 4-5 days of stopping, I PHYSICALLY felt better than I had in two years. I called my OPTH and told him I quit taking it. (still taking other TWO drops).

8/30/11 - Went to see Opth who said I need to take SOMETHING because pressures much too high. He suggested I might see someone else.

9/15/11 - I went to see another doctor (loved her!) but no new news and only bad news. She said think and discuss options with my other doctor. Decisons only grim. Don't wait long - pressures too high.

Prayed and God lead me to CZ. I ordered Eyebright from Uny and Brain formula, and 24hr Bowel Cleanse from herbdoc. Also taking Mirtogenol in Occular Pressure Defense purchased online; and Standard Process products from my Chiro. Been juicing more frequently - carrots, beets, apples, broccoli and garlic mostly.

10/14/11 - Went to see Opth. He said pressures were EXCELLENT! What am I doing? I told him a powerful herbal and vitamin protocol along with juicing. Good, keep it up. He asked me no questions and seemed disinterested in knowing anything further.

My pressures were BETTER than they were on THREE different medications!
Now, I don't want you to think I'm foolish enough to 'run wild' and think I've got this HEREDITARY thing licked by any means. Glaucoma pressures change daily. Sometimes hourly. I've been on vacation this week; am relaxed; drinking more water; taking potty breaks :); drinking relaxing teas, etc.
I am also STILL TAKING my other two drops. So, although I am relieved and thrilled beyond imagination, I'm just taking it a day at a time.
BUT, from getting GRIM news that I might very likely go blind to having scored an EXCELLENT is the greatest answer to prayer yet!
BUT, being able to PROVE that the body can and WILL heal itself when WE get out of its way, and give it what it needs, is something to be shouted from the rooftops and you're hearing it first!

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