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Must read - evidence of how Hv affects 'the silent ones'

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unyquity Views: 1,877
Published: 7 years ago

Must read - evidence of how Hv affects 'the silent ones'

Yesterday I received a PM from a 'silent CZer' wanting to let me know of how Hver has affected her/him & CZ, and thank me (others) for our continued insistance that the Webmaster take action so that posters can regain their freedom to post without fear of attacks from Hveragerthi.  I responded briefly and the 'silent one' replied via email (with a copy of a PM that he/she had sent someone else)...saying that he/she didn't feel comfortable posting and if I wanted to combine the two PM's and post them here, he/she would be very appreciative.

Here it is:

Hello Uny

I know we don't know each other, but I've been on C-zone for a few years now and value the site. I've healed myself through protocols from the Liver Flush and parasite forums, as well as from other assorted forums. I've seen much deterioration that I attribute to the egomaniac, Hv. 

I just wanted to also let you know that there are many, many members here on C-zone who would like to see this guy prevented from intimidating other members, and from dominating the site further who support the long-awaited Webmaster action against Hv.  You spoke for many of us when you submitted that post.  He is like a sniper painstakingly taking out the enemies. If only he would stay in his forum and be king of that castle. You guys are acting on behalf of all the members who feel uncomfortable speaking up for fear of Hv reprisal.  We hope that this guy can have boundaries enforced that allow the site to provide a positive experience for all of us.

As another C-zone member so aptly put it, the word 'bully' is absolutely applicable to his persona here. I can tell you that his presence has affected my confidence to post on this site - I am now extra careful about what advice I give - which is only ever from my own experience and not mere copy/paste internet conjecture - and in what forum I post, lest I utter something he chooses to challenge, and incur the ominous bold font that spells my drawn-out demise. He is like a steam-roller here, demolishing anything/anyone that stands in his way of being seen as ‘right’, with zero regard for an individual's feelings or vulnerabilities.

I particularly recall the woman who was trying to tell people here about her cancer cure a while back (she kind of worked a whole lot of stuff out herself and the cancer remitted) and the disgusting manner in which Hv systematically and sarcastically invalidated everything she said, effectively silencing her, thereby preventing any further communication of her effective and unique method to curezone members. He consistently acts from ego, not from a position of altruism/caring, and is an awful model of a health professional.

In contrast to this egomaniac, curezone members such as yourself, Wombat, Grz, Humaworm, Trapper, Andreas Moritz, and many others who did and still do contribute so much to this hugely valuable knowledge base and resource that is Curezone, represent the core of this site, operating from a magnanimous mindset and ultimately helping a great number of people to improve their health situation. The information I found on this site changed my life and it is distressing to see the health protocols that most effected these profound body/mind transformations getting trashed by this know-it-all tosser who most likely has never even tried any of them himself. This is why I recently asked him to speak from his own experience, or from direct observation of his patients (God help them!), rather than present material from the internet sites he finds.

Anyway, hopefully the good webmaster won’t suffer grief as a result of any attempted litigation.

Anyway, may the truth prevail!!


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