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Re: Old vs New Protocol Effectiveness

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Old vs New Protocol Effectiveness

Q. How are u using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement (number of drops, doses...)?
A. I am currently taking 15 drops, 3 times p/day old school. I used to take 8 drops 3 times per day in capsules, but I recently decided to stop taking capsules as this method is very prone for throwing-up(one little mistake and... ). And so I decided stop using it.

Having said that, my most recent method involves taking smaller amounts in succession for a total amount. Which is very interesting as the overall taste of the mixture seems to follow a curve. And so taking smaller amounts, results in less issues with taste and smell. However... since my intakes involve cranberry juice, I really don't know if they be helpful to you given that you are fructose intolerant :(

In any case, for what it's worth, the most potent method for taking Miracle-Mineral-Supplement (bar none) is in capsule form. And I can testify to this fact as I've experimented with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement by varying amounts and protocols with my condition. Which is a pretty straightforward affair given that I can gauge the MMS effectiveness against the symptoms of my bone infection(pain, sickness etc etc). And so, the short story is that 8 drops of activated MMS in capsule form is about the equivalent of 15 drops of MMS in a soluble such as; water, juice, pop etc.

HOWEVER!... I should warn you... MMS capsules have an extremely narrow threshold for error. Therefore, and so, if for any reason... your intake or stomach is not 100%, then it will come back-up quicker than it went in.

And so, here are a few guidelines that I've found when taking MMS in capsule form.

1) The capsule intake translates to aprox. 1/2 the open air method. (so its meter your dosage carefully).
2) Don't EVER take an MMS capsule before eating(ie. morning).
3. Do drink 1 cup of water prior to intake(just before).
4. Do drink another cup of water during intake(if you find this difficult(16 ounces), try building an appetite for it. I usually took the dog for a walk prior to, which made me thirsty.
5. Always try and find the minimum dosage needed to induce wellness. Remember, MMS will unlikely be the cure, but a the means for your body to clear-out toxins and pathogens and so I think it's important to use it accordingly.


On the issue of open air method, here is my latest recipe.

This method was devised when I discovered that the taste and smell of MMS seemed directly relative to the initial amount of MMS used. ie. 4 drops of MMS in 1/2 cup of water will exhibit less taste and smell than 8 drops of MMS in one cup of water(try it?). And so, with this in mind, I decided to take my 15 drops of MMS in 3 parts. ie. 3 x 5 drops of MMS with cranberry juice. And here's how I do it.

This method takes 1 x 2oz shot glass and 1 regular glass.
I pour 1/2 cup of cranberry juice(unsweetened and no vit.C) in the regular glass and mix 5 drops of MMS in the 2oz shot glass. I let it sit for 30 seconds and fill the shot glass with cranberry juice. Then, without breathing, I drop the shot glass and chase it with a large gulp of juice from the regular glass. - results... no taste, no smell, no fuss. I then rinse and repeat two more time(three in total) and I'm done.

PS. I do realize this method may or may not be of any use to you since you mentioned you were fructose intolerant, but for the sake of information, I figured the method might be of use to you in some other way(who knows right). Anyways I figured you might know or discover some none fructose additive to add to your MMS mixture and so it might prove helpful to you somehow.

Q. Are u using DMSO with it? Supposedly, it helps "shuttle" the MMS into the cells better, making it more effective. It also helps chelate heavy metals (a big issue for me).

A. I've never heard of DMSO tbh. though the MMS does seem to be working quite well at keeping the toxins out of my blood stream and spreading as it is. Though I think its good to know about the DMSO too, because I am headed for surgery in Dec. and so I might use all I can get to try and improve healing following my treatments.

Q. f no one ate anything all day, then yes, it would make sense.

A. I totally agree. My take is that this protocol was likely devised for people who are sick with something like the flu or some other temporary illness. In which case, it would makes sense to get the MMS in the body ASAP on a continuous basis. However, in cases where people(like ourselves) are fighting the effects of long term illnesses, then the protocol 1000 just doesn't make sense.

Q. What effects have u noticed from the MMS?

A Other than the taste, I really can't say I've noticed anything at all on my end. Though I do remember having an irritated throat when I used to take MMS with water in the beginning. Especially when I wore a nose-plug to drink with ;) - But now that I use this 3x5 method with juice, its as though I'm not even taking MMS anymore because I barely even get the aftertaste.

PS. I almost forgot to mention, if/when you take MMS in capsule, you need to know about the dreaded MMS burp! - it's nasty and will send shivers through your spine when it happens.

Q. As far as being too acidic, I'm too alkaline.
A. I had no idea candida could do that. Well, on a plus side... I guess that in some way, the MMS would be a welcome change to your chemistry :)

Hope this helps

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