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Twisting the Cat’s tail.
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Published: 15 years ago
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Twisting the Cat’s tail.

As this is the Liver-Flush forum I’d label this OT but as I’m prone to Twisting the Cat’s tail....

Like the bogus mucoid plaque cleanse, the Liver-Flush is bogus of course.

The light green balls are merely olive oil solidified, just as the “mucoid plaque” is your bought product.

Of course, if you look closer at a split green stone, you’ll find a distinct fine layer of white at the outer edge.

The OO (Olive-Oil) picked up what I call spacedust or if you prefer, the precipitant that forms chaff and finally “calcified” stones.

Though a possible catalytic reaction with the spacedust, the ball was formed.

A person who no longer forms the light green balls has a very clean system indeed.

Anyone doing the Liver-Flush is a fool however, what happens if I get a stone stuck in a bile duct?

Why, I’ll sue CureZone of course.

Just because I followed a protocol here on my own doesn’t mean I can’t blame them!

What if I didn’t heed the “many” warnings or didn’t learn what to do like take more ES?

I mean, I could wind up in the hospital having my GB removed! Damn CureZone!

It’s all their fault! I’m under mental duress just thinking about it!

Breathe deeply, breathe slowly, ok, ok.

A person who does the bowel or Colon Cleanse needs to have their bowels working prior to taking a “cleansing” product.

Dr. Schultz has a dual bowel formula.

The first forces the bowel to perform its evacuation function.

The second is a cleaning formula. It has many components but includes Bentonite clay and Psyllium as well.

He states categorically that the second formula is constipating.

And you “may” need to increase the first formula to “force” evacuation.

Personally, I would never do a colon or Bowel Cleanse without trying the SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) first.

(Dr. Schultz doesn’t like SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) because they could be bad for hypertensive’s, he doesn’t like anything that may be bad for the few.)

If it went ok, I’d try the cleanse, if I spewed, it would mostly mean I was really clogged like a drain pipe with water backing up.

Taking a constipating cleansing formula would be stupid indeed, much less being unaware of needing to force a bowel movement.

Rather than taking yet, more, of a constipating cleansing formula.

If one looked at the evacuation we might see that it had indeed brought out bad stuff with it.

You know, like the light green “stones”.

Just because it may “look” like mucoid plaque doesn’t mean it’s not doing what it claims.

Which is cleaning out the hard to get stuff.

I hate to imagine how much you were abused by the Doctors while in the hospital.

Attempting to take responsibility for your own health, how dare you.

And look what it did, right back into the arms of the all knowing medical profession.

You’re lucky the Doctors didn’t sue you for trying to do their job.

Ya know, here on CureZone we accept personal responsibility for our actions.

All of our actions.

We accept the price we pay.

Those who unwittingly align themselves with the medical profession must accept that price as well.

Personally, I call that price, Darwinism.

Your Humble Servant,

Gracefully Savage

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