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Newbie here.What to order ASAP? Learning throughTrial &Error

Hulda Clark Cleanses
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Hulda Clark Cleanses
Free Shipping on order over $29

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Published: 11 years ago

Newbie here.What to order ASAP? Learning throughTrial &Error

Hi Barefoot,

Please, help me. Iíve been reading the forum for 2 weeks but still need your advice. Will try to make my questions short.

Iím 33. Male. Height 5'8", weight 155. No allergies. Since early childhood experiencing constipations. To this date I often get sick with cold/flu. Had hepatitis-A at age 12. Since birth I have Biliary Dyskinesia (my understanding of this is when gallbladderís duct is curved which prevents enough bile from entering the stomach). This was giving me severe pain after eating until age of 12 when I got treated by antibiotics. No pain since then. (Probably accumulated bile created inflammation Ė but no pain after antibiotics).

Usually I feel low-energy, trouble concentrating, tired. Iíve learned now that this is due to loads of mucus, acidic body and waste. Up to age 32 I was heaving acnes on my face. At 32 they were gone. To my shame I followed some disinformation 3 years ago I started taking Psyllium Husks, lots of Synthetic Vitamin C and other vitamins. Now I realize it was wrong.

Nine months ago I started having very thin stool which gets thinner gradually and follows by severe diarrhea. I often get cold/flu at the time of diarrhea. This is happening right now. No normal stool for at least 9 month. Now I know this is also due to mucus. 4 month ago I stopped eating meat, diary sugar and bread. I eat mostly fruits and vegs.

I lost some weight, but constipations and all other symptoms remain. Right now Iím heaving cold/flu symptoms again non-stopping for a MONTH! This time I got desperate because Iím running out of my sick days at work and may be fired it I stay home. I started looking for answers and found your forum. Youíve recommend someone with similar symptoms to drink a tablespoon of Epsom Salt with water followed by drinking hot lemon aid in 103 F bath. I did that I got mega-sever diarrhea for 2 days and relief from tiredness at first (after 16 hours of sleep). This is when I probably made another mistake: I decided that since I got my colon washed out Ė why donít I start fasting do aid cleansing process and remove cause of cold/flu/tiredness. Today is 3-rd day of eating 8 oranges per day (I donít have a juicer). Iím having diarrhea 1-3 times day (with aid of some colon cleanser from a local store). And Iím still having bad COLD/FLU SYMPTOMS which bother me a lot.

I think fasting at this situation was wrong? Was it? Or was it not? I keep open mind and want to learn, even through mistakes. Now Iíve read hat I supposed to take Epsom Salt all 3 days of fatingÖ Should I stop fasting now?

What should I order from you right now??? My guess is I need lots of LBBs and probably Dewormer. Would you agree? What else? What about liver? Please, advice on what to order right now and how to take it. As soon as I place the order I will get access to books and READ.

Your approach to overall health makes more sense to me than anything Iíve read/heard. Iím going to get the books and newsletters and learn everything carefully. But in order to get the books, according to email from Jody, I need to place an order of $100 or more. I want to order what I need RIGHT NOW, because Iím desperate with my condition. But need you advice on WHAT to order NOW.

Many thanks in advance!

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