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ok, I'm in on this experiment
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Published: 7 years ago
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ok, I'm in on this experiment

..just ordered 120 x 460 mg caps of Platinum Digest
for $22.71 . [via Swanson vitamins]

The PD mix looks like a promising weapon vs the plant plague..

...will be interesting to see what it can do
to the cellulose fibers that I harvest from my
scalp everyday. [they are growing everywhere, but
a "flea comb" gathers them like wool from the hair
on one's addition to "fake hair"]


...seems to be more than one "malfunction" at play ..
the "fake hair" looks like mutated "normal" hair..
it's thick [80 microns or so] like real hair..

..and it's growing out in ADDITION to the 20 micron diameter cellulose fibers.

I am convinced that the 20u fibers growing in my
body ARE cellulose.

..most of the 20u [micron] fibers are transparent. they should be for a cellulose fiber..which is..transparent.
[..the colored 20u fibers are..curious..what is
triggering the colors? and why only some? and
why so many colors?

the 20u fibers are very strong and do not come apart
under acid or base attacks.

Cellulose fibers are very strong in relation to their
diameter..and are very resistant to hydrolysis [dissolving].

Comparison of the 20u fibers to cellulose is striking..
even at 400x ..they look identical.

**now if only I could get my paws on pure cellulase
I might have "the smoking gun" of proof.


* I have heard/read that the hair follicles are rich in
stem cells. They have been a target of interest by
"the Science monkeys". Something may have gotten loose
into the environment that is screwing with the stem cells
of the hair follicles?..resulting in mutations?..=
"bizarre/weird/faux hair"?

..the particles that sprout the 20u cellulose fibers
collect in the follicles..perhaps thay are causing
strange gene expressions in the follicle stem cells
resulting in hair mutations.

..then there is the matter of "fake hair" AND "classic"
morgellons fibers such as "sugar snakes" ending up
in urine. Hair..fibers..growing the bladder/kidneys.
This can't be good for the wee nephrons and associated
kidney plumbing..not at all.

**on the positive long as I keep close watch
on the urine pH and keep it UP above 6..higher is better..
I am no longer harvesting 100mm fibers in the urine..or
stool. 3-4 inch fiber bundles in urine can't be a good
omen for long term survival.


..Positive side of the mOrg ledger:
..the skin on my arms is MINE since july...with the
exception of a few "scratch lesions". [thanks kitty..]
* any break in the skin tends to become a fiber filled lesion. Shaving is to be done with care. It's a bit's as if the particles in the blood know exactly
where the skin tear is..and run there...continue to dissolve skin cells..make "plastic"..and launch fibers.

..very aggressive action these days. No mercy. Plastic
scabs are removed with tweezers daily..then the resulting
"crater" is scorched with hydrogen peroxide..
^^ repeat until the bastids give up trying to build a lesion. It has been my experience that "live and let live"
in regard to my lesions only results in..much bigger lesions. They can grow wide and deep..before the White Army [immune system] gets their collective sh*t together
and eradicates the lesion stronghold. I find that my
"nuking" efforts drastically reduce the damage and "time to repair".

.....rambling again...

...yes..indeed...see what happens when "donner und blitzen"
[thunder and lightning] aka: right and left hands
get access to caffeine and sugar.




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