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Feeling bad during these days !!
dvjorge Views: 1,749
Published: 10 years ago

Feeling bad during these days !!

Hi forum,
I am sorry to post it but I need to express my feelings and people feeling good don't understand it. There have been 3 years since a long Antibiotic round caused this to me and recover haven't been possible yet. I have suffered too much and don't know how I am alive. Lost my marriage, my priced job, don't have a social life, happiness, anything. ! What happened already happened but the sad part is I don't find the way to end with all this and to resume my life. I can not get a new relation in this way. Nobody wants a sick person to start a new relationship. I even can not eat, what I eat is the candida diet that is totally miserable. I was able to eat anything before it without any gut disturbance. I could it even eat rocks without any problem. I only think that 30 Antibiotic tablets were enough to destroy my health to the point I don't find recover. Only 30 days changed my life forever. I have done an incredible effort to recover, taken all available antifungals, treatment, almost 2000 posts in this forum, 16 candida books, etc. All these haven't given me my health back. It looks like when candida mutates to fungus inside the gut, there is no treatment in this world to end with it. Moreover, the web is lack of successful stories about people who have cured this problem. Time to time, you find someone that says I am cured but still is following the candida diet and taking supplements. That doesn't prove anything a cure exist because those people are still eating miserable and can not have a cup of ice cream or have a drink only to control the symptoms. It is a big load for our minds to know we don't find inspiring testimonies and keep a hope alive. We need to find someone that had this syndrome who couldn't eat anything but after a treatment was able to recover and to return to normal. Where are these cases ??
It doesn't matter if it takes 2, 3 or 4 years to reach that point but where are these inspiring stories ??
What you find is people who have been battling candida for 5, 8, 10 , 15, and more years. It is sad to read that because it proves the thing doesn't have solution or at least permanent solution. Many candida websites paint it very easy but there is nothing more unreal that that. I have been battling it for 3 years and still it is here. Yes, some days a little better, other wanting to die, but to resume, sick ! I am now following a chelation treatment according to Cutler treatment but still to early to say it is the answer. I am going to my 5 round next week. It takes time ( years many times ) to chelate mercury and other metals. It is probably my last hope to recover. Antifungals and diet have done nothing but alleviate some symptoms. It is not only my case but I know people in this forum and other who can not end with it either, no matter what they do !!!
So, I think if this damage is almost irreversible why the mainstream medicine is giving people Antibiotics without warning about this terrible problem that destroy your life. It is nothing temporary, but something they don't have cure for it. I can accept that medicines cause an iatrogenic damage but something that you can correct later with treatment. I ask god everyday if it will have and end !

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