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Gordon says a lot that I agree with..
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Published: 8 years ago
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Gordon says a lot that I agree with..

"Morgellons is an agribacterial parasite that can jump Kindgoms from plant to animal."

{{ Agrobacterium..YES!.. AB creates cellulose fibers.
Crown Gall disease, that is caused by AB, IS a mass of
cellulose fibers. AB is one of the "tools of choice"
for the Genetically-Modified-Organisms mechanics. Hey, look at how easy it is
to move DNA snippets to a target plant/fungus..just give
the "new code" to the AB, and let it infect the target.

Now, people are growing cellulose fibers.

Connect the dots.}}

"A small number of people become infected due to extremely compromised immune systems."

{{ my case, the first "signs" that "something was wrong" was the odd "pimples/blisters that don't heal"..
that started after I moved from NM to NJ...and was dealing
with the highest stress loads of my life. High stress,
sustained for..ten years..does bad things to the immune system. [as well as a diet of Sugar and caffeine, the night
shift workers "breakfast/lunch/dinner of champions". High glucose levels in the blood shut down the immune system.
Cortisol dumps from the adrenal glands, triggered by the doses of caffeine thru the night, also suppresses the immune system. }}

"The agribacterium can communicate with each other through a process known as quorum sensing."

Agreed. I continue to see evidence of "synchronized behaviour" by this pathogen. How else does one explain
a systemic contamination [in blood] that expresses itself
"en masse" at ONE location? Pimples/blisters ONLY on a tight group. Next time around, it's a large
herd of belly blisters. Or maybe the legs get swarmed. OR
the arms...but it doesn't generally present in a random distribution in all areas at the same one might
expect. There is some mechanism allowing this "bug" to
detect and join others of it's kind..where they go "active"

"The bacterium can secrete toxins that destroy human flesh. When bacteria are near the surface of the skin, the toxin can create open lesions that do not heal. Traditional medicine has not developed treatments effective
against these lesions or Morgellons pathogens in general. The reason is due to the structure of the pathogen. Its plant base resists treatments intended for animals."

"However, our bodies make no enzymes capable of breaking down plant fibers, such as cellulose."


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