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Re: Need Help: Candida, Metals, FMS, Digestive Issues, etc...
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Need Help: Candida, Metals, FMS, Digestive Issues, etc...

 Restoring my flora is not working.... I cannot tolerate fermented foods and I am allergic to dairy, so kefir and yogurt are out. Same goes with soy.

There is always water kefir, coconut kefir and cultured vegetables.  In the long run though it is more important to focus on fibers since these feed all the flora as opposed to prebiotics that only replace a limited number of strains.   I have more information here:

The fungus overgrowth is so rampant that simply "restoring the flora" has failed bc the pathogens are overwhelming them.

Yucca root powder is a good way to go.  It will provide the fiber to help feed the flora and the sterols in yucca help kill yeasts, fungi and molds.

Thus, my "last restort" is the MMS.

I used to be vegan, but became allergic to gluten/soy and intolerant to many other "vegan" foods. The only meat I eat is organic chicken breast and organic eggs. I used to eat fish, but every fish is contaminated, so I dropped fish.

I'm not thrilled with the tuna oil, but it is what my chiro RX'd. What EFA source is recommended? The tuna oil is Standard Process and it is screened for contaminants.

Molecularly distilled fish oil would be the best.  There are various brands such as Carlson's that offer this.  Stay away from cod liver oil though, at least in high amounts, due to the high vitamin A content.

I HAVE to take digestive enzymes and HCl. I literally cannot digest food without them...and I am very hypochloric, so the HCl helps with my GERD. I have tried many digestive enzymes and these seem like the best overall.

The problem with the enzymes is that they will shut down the body's own ability to generate enzymes if taken long term.

As for the stomach acid it is important to take the nutrients needed for stomach acid formation with the acid, such as betaine HCl, since these nutrients are acid dependent for absorption.  These nutrients are B6, B12, folate and zinc.  Trimethylglycine (TMG) will also help with stomach acid formation.  It is best to take these nutrients for a few months to build them up then start weaning off the acid while using bitters instead to stimulate the release of stomach acid, digestive enzymes and bile.

I tried Mag Malate, but it did not crystallized in my gut and came out whole (even though I used capsules and not tablets). Plus, it made me tired, not energized. I have polarity switch, so what works for most, does not work for me.

Good to know regarding glandulars... I will bring this up with my chiro today and see what he recommends.

Regarding my diet: You misread my post. I do NOT eat any grains, sugars, fruits, red meat, fish, yeast... The ONLY grain I eat is rice (Food for Life Brown Rice Tortilla, Organic Brown rice cakes). I also do lots of steamed veggies, 6oz per day of organic chicken breast, Nutribiotic Brown Rice protein powder, organic nut butters, organic eggs, and I juice veggies twice a day (spinach, celery, cilantro, cucumber, romaine...).

Thanks for taking the time to respond so thoroughly! :)

Your welcome.


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