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Re: HV, about copper and biounavailability + more

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: HV, about copper and biounavailability + more

 I'm currently taking 2 split doses of 50mg Zinc Gluconate to correct copper overload (due to adrenal fatigue and high estrogen) alongside 150mcg Molybdenum.

In your earlier replies to me, you mentioned it takes 6-8 months or so to reverse premature gray hair if it is caused by a tyrosine deficiency.

If the graying is caused by copper toxicity with biounavailable copper, how long would it take for dark hairs to grow back in? 6-8 months like with the tyrosine?

Actually deficiencies of either tyrosine or copper can cause premature graying.  Regardless of what causes it once repigmentation is started it takes time for the newly pigmented hair to grow out as the outer shaft of the hair is dead.  Therefore the dead parts of the hair shaft cannot be pigmented with melanin, just the living new cells in the hair shaft.

Would the copper detoxing with zinc/molybdenum basically increase copper availability in my body without taking copper supplements?

That high of a level of zinc is likely to lead to copper depletion as the zinc displaces the copper.

If so, is this why zinc supplements or He Shou Wu promote gray hair reversal?

Both copper and zinc are needed to form melanin, the pigment in hair.  Both zinc and copper also increase levels of their respective superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzymes that help prevent graying of hair by breaking down excess peroxide.

As far as he shou wu goes its effects are believed to be from the strengthening effects of he shou wu on the liver and kidneys.  The production of melanin requires tyrosine, which is produced in the liver and kidneys from the amino acid phenylalanine by phenylalanine hydroxylase.

Also, is it a good idea to take taurine alongside a copper detox? I've read it helps with the manic symptoms caused by excess copper flowing in the body and promotes bile flow (still taking artichoke powder 3x a day) so that should help my liver break down excess estrogen too right?

I disagree with the claim that the taurine would cause manic symptoms.  Taurine acts as a neurotransmitter inhibitor like glycine or GABA.

And increasing bile flow does help with the breakdown of estrogens.  That is done in the liver, and requires sufficient B vitamins.

Any other tips for a copper detox?

Be careful not to overdo it.  Even the 100mg total daily of zinc can be an issue since this can start leading to immune suppression after about a week at that level.

And I would highly suggest taking amla powder to help increase the production of SOD and to help protect the DNA from excess metal exposure.

My dentist also says I need a root canal on my front tooth, it will be my very first. Is it a safe procedure? The dentist didn't mention anything about antibiotics, just painkillers which I should take after the procedure once the local anesthetic wears off.

It is pretty safe as long as it is done properly.  Unfortunately, dentists sometimes screw them up.  For instance I had one done years ago.  It was not until I went to another dentist that I found out that the first dentist messed up the root canal leaving part of the nerve there.  Luckily I have been able to keep the tooth stable since.

Can I do anything natural to prevent having a root canal done?

Sometimes higher doses of pau d' arco can wipe out the infection.  Brushing the teeth with antiseptics such as herbal powders (pau d' arco, sage, etc.), diluted essential oils such as clove, xylitol, or use ozonated water.

Oil pulling etc, best oil to use?

I would go with olive oil for the sterol content that also fights infections or coconut oil that is more penetrating and also has some antiseptic properties.

The dental x-ray showed some infection in the gum where the tooth is and the root canal in the affected tooth has widened compared to the tooth next to it. I have had no trauma to the tooth. There is only mild discoloration which I noticed a few months after having adrenal fatigue. The dentist also applied something to cotton wool and then pressed the cotton wool on my teeth and asked if I felt a cold sensation.

I did feel it on the other teeth but not the affected tooth as the nerve is dead according to the dentist. Whether this is true or not, I don't know as I don't really trust doctors and dentists anymore which is why I am on CureZone ;)

The dentist mentioned getting a crown put on the tooth after the procedure but I said I'll think about it at a later time.


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