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Re: Probiotics and MMS

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Hveragerthi Views: 3,405
Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Probiotics and MMS

 I'm a bit disappointed by this board, for I'm looking for help with a protocol MY DOCTOR is having me do. I trust him and he is one of MANY doctors I've been to...yet he is the ONLY ONE who actually cares and is willing to help.

I am sorry you feel that way, but I am not going to lie to you and tell you a product is wonderful when it really is not.

Do you know how many doctors I have seen push products simply because they were involved in the sales of that product?  For example, when super blue-green algae came out through MLM marketing I saw a number of doctors pushing it even though the company marketing it lied about the safety of the product and how clean the lake supposedly was.  The fact was that the algae, actually a cyanobacteria, contained microcystins and anatoxins that were damaging to the liver and nervous system.  And the lake it was being harvested from is highly polluted.  Yet these doctors never bothered to research the companies claims to see if any of them were true.  Now the crap is coming back under new names and sure enough I see naturopathic doctors pushing it again.

Furthermore, if I did not care and did not want to help I would not be here answering your or anyone else's questions.  But again, I am not going to lie about the safety or effectiveness of a product just because someone is claiming it is good.  If I feel something is dangerous or ineffective based on my knowledge of science and medicine and research I have done then I am going to say so.

It would be helpful to not have people suggest I contradict what my doctor is telling me to do. None of u know my entire health history.

I don't need to know your entire health history to know that chlorine can combine with organic matter forming carcinogens or that chlorine is a halogen that displaces iodine, which in turn can suppress the thyroid.  Tell us, is your doctor aware of these facts?  Did he bother to tell you that these are potential risks?  Or did he just read the sales hype and determine that it must be a "cure all"?

If MMS didn't work for u, then I'm sorry. However, it MAY work for me. Since EVERYTHING ELSE HAS FAILED, I'm willing to take the chance and try this.

And I was trying to explain to you why those things were failing.

MANY people have found relief from "incurable" issues due to MMS...the people who reacted badly probably fall into these categories:
-they did too much too fast
-they didnt take anything to "bind" the toxins they were eliminating
-they weren't hydrating enough
-They were very compromised to begin with, thus the MMS only compounded this
-They had high estrogen markers, which can make the detox effects worse (It has been noted that high estrogen markers may cause severe reactions to MMS).

Ok, let's use your same response.  Do you know the entire medical history of all these people who had bad reactions to MMS?  if not then how do you know this is true?  Or is this just some of the sales hype the MMS sellers have put out there?

There are actually a couple of statements there that I can tell you right off the bat are ridiculous.  For example, most toxins are destroyed by oxidation forming carbon dioxide and water or inert metal oxides.  So the claim about not "binding the toxins" is nothing more than an excuse.

Secondly , estrogens are highly prone to oxidation again being broken down in to carbon dioxide and water.  Neither of these are toxic to the body.  This is why I started this forum, because there was so many false claims like those being spread on the internet.  So I started this forum to address the many bogus health claims that were floating around on the internet.

This is also why I encourage people to do their homework, from NON-SALES sites, for the claims they read.

My chiro has had great success with this over the years for many of his clients. He wouldn't have me do something that could harm me and/or jeopardize his license. He is having me do it low/slow and will be in constant contact with me during this treatment.

Then ask him to address the points I brought up then research the answers.  See if he really knows what he is talking about or if he simply listened to the sales hype as well.

What is really funny is that my ex-business partner is also a chiropractor.  And he was also selling a similar liquid chlorine product.  Even he admitted that the lady making the product had no clue what she was talking about, but he watched her sell $10,000 worth of product at one of her lectures. So he sold the product only because he saw the profit potential of selling the crap.

So, in closing, if you can offer nothing but criticism, then don't bother responding to my post. However, if you can offer advice that pertains to my question, then please reply away! :-)

Everything I have posted was with the intent to help you.  But it sounds like you came here with your mind already made up and was just looking for confirmation.  So you are just wasting my time since you are not looking for real answers but rather confirmation for something you were going to do regardless of what anyone here has told you to protect you from harm.


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