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Re: DIABETES and Liver Flushing
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: DIABETES and Liver Flushing

in my experience a Liver Flush is perfectly safe for a diabetic and I'm on insulin. I do it the same way everyone does(Andreas protocol). I don't take insulin on the day of the flush becuase I don't eat, but if I was to eat then I would just take my insulin for that meal and then proceed with the fasting on Epsom Salts . I know that a lot of diabetics feel that they can't do this or that cleanse because there doctors told them they couldn't go so many hours without eating but I have found that to be advice from some very misinformed people. I've tried a lot of cleanses and the only thing I've found that wasn't a safe thing to do was water fast...but then I didn't do it properly. I know that type 2 is different and I don't have experience with pills or heart disease but based on what I've heard from other people it should be perfectly safe for your mother to leave off them for the day of the flush. In the event of low blood Sugar I just used honey and I don't remeber that affecting the flush any. And if it makes her feel any better then trust me a little bit of high blood Sugar from a grapefruit drink is not going to kill you. I never take insulin for it and the funny thing is that when I wake up the next morning without having taken insulin I feel better than I ever do, with very good blood sugar. I also notice that for a few days after the flush my insulin needs are much lower with better blood sugar. But I think that as the stones travel down again the old problems come back. When your a type 2 diabetic(as well as 1 probably)the cause is an unhealthy diet. Many type 2 diabetics have gotton off their pills in as little as 3 weeks by simply changing what they eat. One particular diet that I follow myself is the raw diet. I've read many stories of people elimentaing their diabetes pills very quickly and I even know a type 2 lady who has her own raw resturaunt that got off all her pills in a few monthseating mostly raw foods. I believe that a Liver Flush is a good thing for anyone suffering health problems but ESPECIALLY for a diabetic. Has she read the part about diabetes in Andreas' book. It has excellent info on ways to heal diabetes through diet and LFlushing. Anyway, mostly what I wanted to say is that she shouldn't worry that she can't cleanse because of her diabetes, just by using common sense and having experience with how her blood Sugar behaves there's nothing she shouldn't be able to do. She needn't give up, especially on her diabetes. I even read that type 2 diabetes is the easiest disease to cure as long as the person is willing to make the right changes. I think if she were to change her diet to include plenty of raw fruits and veggies and no refinded foods in combination with Liver Flushing she will see her diabetes and heart problems dissapearing, I know my health problems are. Good luck


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