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Re: Lugol's dosage?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Lugol's dosage?

Thanks for the references. You’re completely right, there is inconsistency in how iodine is referred to. There is a general way, such as, “I’m taking 100 mg of iodine.” (I think most people do this.) But it gets messy when you try to figure out specifically how much iodine, and how much iodide, you’re really getting. Add to that, the iodide is usually attached to a salt, such as potassium or sodium. Lugol’s and Iodoral refer only to the actual iodine/iodide content; the potassium part is not listed. But if you’re taking SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide), say at 32 mg per drop, only 24 mg of that will be iodide. The rest is potassium.

So, in your first paragraph, Dr. Brownstein was generalizing to say that 2 drops of Lugol’s 5% has 12.5 mg of iodine. He was not being specific as to its makeup. The makeup for either 2 drops Lugol’s 5% or 1 Iodoral 12.5 mg is 5 mg iodine plus 7.5 mg iodide.

As for J Crow’s, this brings to mind the discussions had in the beginning of the forum on how much iodine (used generally) was in one vertical drop, as opposed to one horizontal drop. I’ll paste that at the end. But basically, I think the posting on J Crow’s is wrong. It appears to be a mangled combination of the formula for Lugol’s wherein the amount of potassium iodide used is twice that of iodine (as Ginagirl mentioned above), and the fact that Lugol’s 5% has a total iodine/iodide content of 6.25 mg per drop. So, someone thinking that a drop of Lugol’s 5% has 6.25 mg iodine (used generally), can then confuse him/herself by thinking, oh, if it has 6.25 mg iodine (used specifically), it must also have 12.5 mg potassium iodide (because of the formula). What a mess.

I’ve always used vertical drops, so one drop Lugol’s 5% has always been 6.25 mg iodine/iodide for me.

But for others – from “Iodine Answers” at the top of the page –



Lugol's is a liquid. Drops can be added to water, juice, soup, wine or scotch and drunk. The correct way to make a drop of
Lugol's is to hold the dropper vertical and squeeze the rubber topper. Each VERTICAL drop is 6.25 mg of iodine. Then you can do the math by counting the drops.

HORIZONTAL drops - with the dropper held side to side are twice as much - 12.5 mg
Iodine per drop. How do we know? We measured, a couple times. Why?? Because some of us wanted to know how many drops of iodine are in an ounce bottle. Several of us found out then that we were taking twice the amount of iodine that we thought - because we were using horizontal drops.



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