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Re: afib, weight gain, blurred vision
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: afib, weight gain, blurred vision

You may have different symptoms pop up as you go along. It can be a challenge to recognize some of them yourself, though the people around you might remind you :) Here's a list you can refer to when you need a hint --

Where does all this bromide detoxing from our tissues
come from?

Please look at the evidence of the increasing bromide dominance condition in our environment
and products.

Because iodine was not supplemented much before the last three years, few physicians have
had a chance to look closely at the occasional
symptoms which arise from iodine
supplementation (still called "iodism") and raise questions.


  • Might the historical observation of iodism be due principally to
    massive amounts of stored bromine leaving the tissues and entering
    the bloodstream?   

  • Is it possible the apparent adverse effects of iodine are due almost
    exclusively due to bromide excretion, and not enough iodine-alone
    effects can be documented to qualify as an "ism" ?

  • Might the iodism phenomenon be more appropriately called


    Many of the Breast Cancer Choices' Iodine Investigation Project registrants also found the
    following suggestions helpful if bromide detox symptoms were not tolerable. Consult your
    doctor before implementing the strategies below:

    Bromide Detox Strategies

    1. Salt Loading.
    2. Stopping iodine for 48 hours to rest the kidneys.
    3. Reducing the iodine dose temporarily, then working back up.
    4. Taking several grams vitamin C spread out throughout the day along
       with the Iodine Companion Nutrients.
    5. Drinking more water.
    6. Pulse-dosing (stopping and restarting iodine therapy.)
    7. According to Iodine users with skin symptoms, adding 25 mg zinc often helps.

    Iodine-related bromide symptoms may include but are not limited to:

    eye lid twitching
    foot twitching
    tingling in hands or feet
    dark thoughts (e.g., there is no reason to live)
    depression (e.g., there is no reason to get out of bed)
    mouth and tongue sores and cuts or "sore mouth"
    "different" acne,"bromide acne," "acne-like eruptions" without "coniform." (Some iodine
    users found zinc helps bromide acne.)
    skin "cuts"
    hair loss
    brain fog
    leg and hip ache (feels like arthritis)
    rash (bromaderma)
    metallic  taste
    sinus ache
    cherry angiomas
    runny nose
    odd swallowing sensation (reported in old  medical literature as "swollen glottis")
    body odor (bromos is Greek for stench)
    unusual urine odor
    dry mouth
    ureteral spasm, frequent urination (mistaken for urinary infection)
    vision changes
    increased salivation
    dream changes
    hormone changes
    kidney pain
    breast tenderness (transient symptom reported to resolve)

    A Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses: Pyridostigmine Bromide Vol. 2 by
    Beatrice Golumb, MD, PhD,

    Abraham G et al., Evidence that the Administration of Vitamin C Improves a Defective Cellular Transport
    Mechanism for Iodine:  A Case Report, The Original Internist 2005

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    Original Internist 2004

    Cann S et al., Hypothesis, Iodine, Selenium and the Development of Breast Cancer, Cancer Causes Control

    Breast Cancer Choices, Iodine Investigation Project Database.


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