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Results from Strongyloides ELISA and Injectable Iver
willtheory Views: 4,280
Published: 13 years ago

Results from Strongyloides ELISA and Injectable Iver

Hey there guys, its Willtheory here once more, I know some of you have been waiting for my results so here it is.

First just want to say that I finaly found a doctor that would do a strongyloides ELISA on me and... unfortunatley it was negative :(
now that is good in one way but i would rathe know whats causing me to be sick.

I bought injectable ivermectin and decadron(incase of herx) and a couple days ago i inject .6 ML into my left leg.
I tried to inject in no less than 3 other places before doing that, and let me tell you the pain is unequaled. I cant beleive i am sayign this, but i wasnt even able to inject the full 1.2 ML for my bodyweight 59kg at 200ug/kg. It is extremley embarassing but the pain once the needle was in and i actually started to push liquid under the skin it was like my body started freaking out. Extremely intesnse burning and i could feel the swelling and liquid moving under my skin like it wasnt supposed to be there. The pain was uber intesne and lasted for half an hour. The bump got really big and is still there after like 5 days.

I attempted my abdomen before but even a small push on the syringe like seriously hurt someting there and that area still hurts :(

I did everything your supposed to when you inject SQ
the trick is to not go to shallow as to do an intradermal and not too deep as to hit muscle.

Anyways i waited for half an hour with absolutley NO effects. I then ate approxamitley anoth 2ML of ivermectin solution in a fatty drink and NO reaction, besides feeling a little spacey.

I feel that I would have felt SOMETHING if i had some kind of roundworm, so i am so sorry to let all you guys down but for me this protocol DIDNT work. this doesnt mean it wont work for other people, it is documented that drugs like ivomec can be very poorly abosrbed in the intestinally challegned lol!

I feel this means that i either have a microtape/fluke or i have to start shooting in the dark and say i have some kind of virus/bacteria/protozoan/fungus in my nerves and muscles and inner tissues tahts cuasing my immune system to fire which is causing subsequent spasmodic firing of small sections of muscles emulating the senation of twitches and someting foreign being there.

Again, sorry to let you guys down like this, the next thing i will be testing out is praziquantel and albendazole, maybe something pouron.

I have been having my best help so far from getting into kundalini meditation and Qigong yoga beleive or not. I think buteyko breathing as well as light exercise keys into that as well.

I have also been taking(thanks to my stepmoms medicine cabinet) a multivitamin, multitracemineral, beta glucan, a multi herb, another multi herb, another multi herb lol, vitamin d, coq10, and maybe a couple other inconsequential things. Also eat copious amounts of garlic and cayanne simply cause i like it :))

I will be buying some Bentonite soon and will see how that goes as well as some silver hopefully. Some time i will test out sovreign silver vs meso silver vs homemade sivler for myself.

So all in all very frustrating very annoying i am quite unhappy that the ivermectin did not work for me, i am still searching there is stil hope yet

Love you all.

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