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Published: 13 years ago


So despite being only 21, I've done over 20 Liver Flushes (maybe even over 30) over the past 3 years (along with eating very healthily and exercising). My initial goal was to rid myself of acne, and it worked in clearing about 90% of it. I did not count my stones, but I've expelled so many that the total combined volume of the stones would greatly exceed that of my liver and gallbladder. Sure my symptoms were greatly improving, but I inherently knew that there's no way all of those things were gall/ liver stones .

I'm now fully convinced that they are not even stones, but just formations of hardened bile and what not. Maybe a few of them were stones that were small enough to pass, but the rest... there's just no way. Every time I do a flush, I can feel movement in my gallbladder area (front right, under rib cage) and my liver ducts (middle back, right side) but there was no end to them, flush after flush I expelled hundreds. And I doubt that they were forming that fast, especially when I was on a Paleo Diet with pasture-raised meat and exercising vigorously for months at a time.

Also, after doing cleanses, I would feel a "tight" feeling in my gall bladder area and twitching sensations. My gut feeling was that there were stuck stones.

So back to my thread title: yes I think I'm on the verge of a breakthrough. I hate to advertise specific products, but I came across the Pulverexx Protocol a few weeks ago and as a product junkie, I had to try it. Basically its a pill that contains Chanca Piedra, Boldo, and Hercampuri (I have no idea what the latter two are, I'm reading this straight off the bottle) but its supposed to break down the stones. It also comes with a booklet explaining how to do a Liver Flush after you've been on the pills for a few days.

Being the experienced flusher that I am, I got straight to it. After 2 or 3 days, I felt a weird sensation in my gallbladder. It was like a slight burning, but not at all painful. It showed up in the mornings after taking the pill and I just couldnt wait to flush to see what would happen.

The morning after the flush, I expelled a few of the usual dark or light green stones that I've been staring at for 3 years. But I look in the toilet and there was a huge hunk of what looked like a cluster of small, yellow rocks. I had never expelled anything like that.

A few hours later, my energy levels were through the roof and my appetite felt different - how it felt when I was a lot younger, when I woke up in the morning already hungry. And for the first time (keep in mind that I've done 25-30+ flushes) my gall bladder felt empty. I was so happy.

I have the stone in my freezer and I'll try to post up pictures later or something. I asked my integrative medicine professor if he'd take a look at it, but he thought I was crazy, also mentioning that the gallbladder has little to do with digestion and that he had his removed (this guy is a nationally recognized figure, top 5 in CAM treatments in the country, QiGong master).

For those that thought this was too long and skipped to the end, long story short: if Liver Flushing isn't working for you, you might want to look into Pulverexx. This stuff is strong. I only wish I knew about this years ago, I would've been done with flushing years ago and I'd have more time to study haha.

Happy flushing!

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