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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Lyme disease revisited

 Actually these are syndromes, which are not diseases at all.  But there is a diagnostic test for fibromyalgia.  I have posted on the diagnostics of fibromyalgia previously on this forum.

Yes - they are not diseases.  Correct.  Waste of time getting ANY test done for Fibro.  TREAT THE INFECTIONS, METALS, PARASITES, ETC

Once again, there is a diagnostic test for fibromyalgia.  But since it can also share symptoms with other conditions it is important to get an accurate diagnosis.  Going off half cocked treating for infections, metals, parasites, etc.  without even knowing what a person is possibly dealing with is ludicrous.

I disagree.  ALS is Lou Gehrig's to begin with, which has been linked to a viral infection.  Same for MS.  Lyme is bacterial.  

Viral infections come with Lyme Disease -XMRV, EBV, HHV, etc

It is true that viruses can infect bacteria.  But that does not mean that it is common or happening with the Lyme bacteria.  So if you are going to make wild, unfounded claims like this please provide some real evidence from credible sources.  Otherwise the claims remain speculation, not fact.

So I don't disagree that a viral infection is playing a role. But Lyme(borrelia) is at the bottom of it.

See my last comment.

It's known as the gatekeeper. Once it brings your system down all of the viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc that your body has been harboring or keeping at bay now come out to play.

More speculation.

You also then must attend to metals, yeast, endocrine system, and gut. Let's not forget Lou Gehrig had a summer home in none other than Lyme, Connecticut.

So what?  That is a long stretch to claim that he had Lyme simply because he lived in a town named Lyme!!!  What about people who develop ALS in parts of the world where deer ticks are not an issue?

He had undiagnosed Lyme disease.

If it were undiagnosed then how do you know he actually had the bacteria?  Again nothing but pure speculation!!!

In addition, these autoimmune disorders do not show the characteristic bullseye seen in most actual Lyme patients.

Lyme is actually rare since it takes days of the tick being on the person to create an infection.  Most people will find the tick much faster than that.

Utter bullsh!t.  You don't need a bullseye rash to be positive for Lyme Disease. 

You need to read more carefully, because that is not what I said.  I said the ONLY way to confirm Lyme is to have the characteristic rash.  Yes, a small number of people may not develop the rash, but without the rash it is virtually impossible to confirm infection.  Why?  Simple, because the antibody tests and PCR tests used for "diagnosis" are EXTREMELY inaccurate.  Antibody tests in particular are notorious for creating false positives.

In addition, you totally missed my point.  The rash appears in the majority of people that actually have the Lyme bacteria.  Yet this rash does not appear in MS, ALS or the various other diseases you have tried to link to Lyme.  In other words if these people REALLY did have Lyme then they would most likely have developed the characteristic rash, which they do not.

I Never had one.

Good for you.  So you may be one of the many misdiagnosed based on the inaccurate antibody and PCR tests.

And the autoimmune disorder is CAUSED by the bacteria/infection.

Not entirely.  Microbes are common triggers for autoimmunity, but it is the adrenal dysfunction that actually leads to the overproduction of low affinity antibodies that are the hallmark of autoimmunity.

Again Hvergarth -  I hope anyone reading this who may suspect Lyme Disease ignores your comments because they are very inaccurate.

We are going to have to agree to disagree because I see your comments as being the very dangerous ones since they are merely speculation severely lacking any credible evidence.  Like assuming Gerhig had undiagnosed Lyme because he lived in a town named Lyme.  Using your rationale then people from Blue Ball, Delaware should go to Hooker, Oklahoma then  move to Intercourse, Pennsylvania and finally Climax, Colorado.  And I would hate to see what the people in Square Butt, Montana look like!!!


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