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Published: 8 years ago

There's something about Bob..

that I don't trust...

Once again time to mix up some baking soda and
I have found nothing that helps to slow down the
bizarro morg activity in the urine like keeping
the pH uP>..and nothing pushes up the pH better or
cheaper than good ole' baking soda.

While idly staring at the sidekick Arm and Hammer
baking soda box...the old and annoying "A&H baking soda
has aluminum in it" stupid wives tale came to mind.

After much searching over the last year, and communications
with Church and Dwight [the folks that own the A&H label]
I have found ZERO evidence that there is any aluminum
in A&H. Which is what C&D told me. In writing.


[if the page seems compressed and hard to the
page again, you may have "auto resizing" turned on in Windows.]

Nevertheless..any googling of the subject results in
a host of responses like:
"omg, don't use A&H baking's got aluminum in it"..or "all baking soda has aluminum in it, except for Bob's Red Mill".

Wtf is going on here? Obviously, there are a lot of lazy/careless/ people that can't be bothered to learn the
difference between baking powder and baking soda. The last time I checked, the two varieties of baking POWDER
at the local grocery store did
have a form of aluminum in it..[..odd as that seems].

Baking SODA..sodium bicarbonate..nothing else.
Thats what the box says..that's what the folks at A&H say..
thats what the MSDS states [hazard data sheets required by gov't ]
and still the land is full of.."omg, A&H has aluminum in it!"

...meanwhile..back at the darkest colorado..

"Bob" has access to a sodium bicarbonate mine.
Well, good for him. He doesn't have to mine trona ore, mix it with water and perc it with carbon
just about everyone else.
"Bob" just has to pump hot water into a hole to the nahcolite beds, several thousand feet down...pump
it to the surface, centrifuge it..screen it..bag it.
....then sell it for $7.00 a lb at Amazon.

a good gig if you can get it.

But why the extraordinary price of $7.00 a lb..for
baking soda? Because it's..."Bob's".
..aluminum free..don't you know.

?? since when does soda ash mined from a trona ore deposit have
aluminum in it?


hmmm..nothing there about aluminum.
..maybe it's hiding in the chemical formula:
Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O → 2 NaHCO3

...soda ash plus carbon dioxide and water..yields sodium bicarbonate.. aluminum hiding there either.

...i don't get it..why does "bob" boast about his
"superior aluminum free" sodium bicarbonate?


Oh..I see. You don't perc soda ash with CO2.
...what the heck does that have to do with aluminum
contamination? Explain yourself.."Bob".. how does
bubbling carbon dioxide thru soda ash..generate aluminum

..I don't see it. What I do see is a marketing weasel.
By making a big noise over YOUR mined powder being "aluminum free" attempt to cast aspersions to
those who don't make a big noise over being "aluminum free". Not that there is supposed to be aluminum in either
ore in the first place. Hey Bob..your white powder is also
probably Uranium free too..could be room on the bag for that claim.
Your competitors won't mark their stuff as being "Uranium free" either.
...and with the hordes of witless loons endlessly cutting
and pasting these irrelevant claims on the internet..
those folks selling the "dollar a pound" sodium bicarbonate
in the orange boxe..don't stand a chance.
you'll own them.



*perhaps A&H is making a point of NOT emblazoning their
product as aluminum free so as NOT to join in in this
idiot game of "..we dont have some awful chemical in OUR box..."
...there would be no end to it.

..did stumble over an interesting tidbit..
seems that Church and Dwight [parent company to A&H] is
buying their soda ash from Indian corporation
that is mining in Green River Wyoming. small world.


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